Wednesday, August 02, 2006


ch ch ch changes

Since I work for two magazines, I have two bosses. I've worked here since October. Since November, Boss L has been in Australia.

That pretty much suited me.

Boss L has resigned, and we just hired Boss M.

I have a feeling that having a boss one floor above me (and soon to be in the SAME OFFICE. AHHH!) is going to cramp my rather blogtastic lifestyle.

And she just made a joke about firing me. ha. ha. ha...

Get Dooced and then you can write the Goo Guide to Craigslist full time.


bub: aw! I complained that you haven't commented on my blog, so you did, like, a minute later! You're the best brother in the world. :-)

Wombat: I don't want to be the starving artist just yet. And CL adventures for this week didn't pan out. I was ditched! More on this later - disappointment and drama are two good elements in every story.
Have you already gone through Bosses A-K? If so, I'm impressed!

The good thing about being fired... err, terminated, is that you can (1) draw unemployment, and (2)you have tons of free time.

Good luck getting on to Boss N!
They'd never let you practically run those magazines!
cam: bosses don't last long when I'm around. Or something.

cp: hahaha right. let's not pretend here!
Oh, I hope you don't get fired. That would be terrible. Unless you want to get fired...?

(just making sure it's clear)
I used to shorthand Boss L as "Flaky!Boss" in my LJ. :)
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