Friday, August 11, 2006



You know how when you do someone a minor bad turn (like not return their phone call, some sort of slight) it seems as though God has cursed you, and you run into them EVERYWHERE?


There was this guy from the Times that lives in the same apartment complex as I do. We exchanged numbers. A week or so later, E and I were on the longest car ride from hell to Nissan Pavilion, so I called him, and left a message.

He never called back. Fair enough. It's cool, I'm over it.



I run into him everywhere. Not just around my apartment complex, or at the Metro, or on the path from the Metro to the apartment complex. But also in downtown DC. I always notice him...I wonder if he notices me?

After the first awkward run-in, he hasn't met my eyes. It would be so much cooler if we'd just say hello. The awkwardness would dissipate, and God would stop throwing me in his path.

(OH MY GOD. I just realized...what if he thinks I'm a stalker?!?!)

Oh Meg. I love your blog. Aside from being generally well-written and entertaining, it *sounds* like you're right here recounting the story. =)
Kind of like in the movies, when someone is reading a letter, and it's like the one character is reading it to the person?

(did you hear me say that?)
Yes, precisely!

And no, I didn't. It's like in the movie where you don't hear the other person's voice until after you've already read a line or two, so that the audience doesn't get confused.
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