Monday, August 14, 2006


how curious

Last night at church I was reminded of a particular's Levi's jeans.

One person was wearing them right in front of me. Another walked by on his way to communion. And then another. And then another, on crutches.

Mostly it's guys around my Dad's "generation" that sport them - the jeans that have THE SIZE printed on the leather tag near the belt loops.

It's just so funny. Many women go to so much effort to avoid having their size known...and these guys don't give a fig. They don't care so much that they probably don't even know the size is printed on the back. It's refreshing. I applaud those men, free from the heavy chains of sizist attitudes.

Keep an eye out. If you haven't noticed them, you will. Especially with the onslaught of autumn...Levi's are standard wear on the weekends.

(oh, Fall!!! <3 sweaters! crisp nights! boots! leaves!!)

So why don't you wear your size on your pants?
Did you ever watch Seinfeld? Maybe those guys were putting the 32 tags on their 34 jeans.
Bub: Because this is a sizist world, and I'm not free from the chains. And according to the SW, if a girl is bigger than an 8, she's fat.

cam: I haven't seen that one! It sounds perfect.
Ugh, you are so right about the sizist world thing.

Ok, so this is the thing that really gets me: it is possible to be a fat skinny-person. A person can be a 5' tall size zero and just be all fat and bones, and nobody ever says anything about it other than "she's so hot." But if you're 5'6" or taller and made of muscle (or even with a nice mix) you have to wear a 10+ in pants and people find this out and think you're fat.

And it doesn't even help that women's clothes sizes aren't standardized (which is another kettle of fish entirely). They just don't even make sense. Arrrggghhhh!
mel: I can feel a post coming on.
I wonder how many confessions were about fudging the size of their jeans as per Cam Seinfeld.

On an altogether different note, this:


always makes me think of a well-endowed woman wearing a halter top lying on her side.

Looks like I have some confessions to make too.
Wombat: put like that, it kind of makes a story:

"A well-endowed woman in a sweater, on a crisp night, wearing boots, in the leaves!"

Hmm. Halter. Sweater. Boots. All I need is the perfect skirt. And to buy the sweater that I've been eyeing. And a halter. I prefer I might modify it.

So basically, I only have the boots and a vision.

(this is not to say that I'm well-endowed. Not that I wanted to go there, but I felt like it had to be said, in order to not be misleading.)
Oh, it's not endowment or not that counts. It's all about the smile and the confidence.

And the chutzpah to wear strapless in fall.

Hey, not a bad book title, that.

Strapless in Fall.
You have the Ugggggs and a vision.
i-66: Uggs are not my only pair! And not the ones for this outfit!

I also have the ones that I love...light brown leather, stop a little below my knee, low heel. I wear those all. the. time. I also have the requisite black leather ones - stop below the knee, two inch heel.
The "guy world" isn't totally free of concern over that. Uh, well, at least some of it isn't. I, personally, would be horrified at the thought of doing something like that... Admittedly there's less pressure, but even still, wearing the size on the outside? Yikes.
I don't know if we can call this a "sizist" world, as I usually decide on how fit I think a girl is before I check her pant tags.

But that's just me.
jason:'s just some guys. like my dad, haha.

bub: it's a sizist world...not because of guys (most guys have no idea what female sizes mean), but in the way women view and treat one another. People are vicious.

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