Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am just soooooo popular...so fabulous.

I always give E shit for double booking her evenings. My attitude is, if you're not planning on going to it...why say you'll be there?

Well. I've more or less accidentally quadruple-booked this evening. I have the book club, which I had planned on a couple of weeks ago. The French club, which I thought was going to be a once-in-a-while affair, is also meeting tonight.

And then, beloved Cor, who is leaving for Ethiopia sooner than not, is having a happy hour tonight. Gotta hit that up. And my mom called last night - my dad is going to be in town, so I'm meeting up with him for dinner. Yay!

So, the book club and the French club are out the window. Cor and my dad take precedence over the other crapola.

Oh, and I'm annoyingly irritable today.

I saw two coworkers in the hall, and stood by them, because I was part of a coterie that was going to Starbucks. And one mildly asked, "oh, what are you up to?" because he didn't realize I was coming...and I snapped at him "UGH! I'm going to STARBUCKS with you."

What is my problem? Luckily I realized that my reaction was not warranted, and a bit insane, so I apologized, laughing, and said that I'm irritable, apparently. He laughed, and said something along the lines of "I guess so!"

Coterie. Word of the day. Why is this excellent noun so underused?

Thanks Meg.

Wombat comments...and the sun breaks through the clouds!
Spreading yourself thin. Tsk tsk. That can lead to frazzled nerves and unecessary metro travel.
i-66: Well, my nerves are definitely frazzled, since I've morphed into uber-bitch. But Metro won't make any extra cash on me, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be walking from happy hour to dinner with my dad...Farragut West area - Georgetown.

I don't know, it doesn't seem to make much sense to walk three blocks to Farragut West, only to take it one stop. Right? Or am I just cheap?
What a banner day. New word. Control of climate.

Best stop before I go overboard.

This is exactly why men don't try to multitask or think about more than one thing at a time!

Hopefully the caffeine soothes the irritability!
Everyone has irritable days :-)

Wombat raises a splendid point about your use of nouns, with which I heartily concur.
Yea, I've def done the multiple-booking thing before. I never intentionally do it, I just forget I've already made commitments and then everyone calls me on it at once. I've decided that since only I can be held accountable this...then it's my duty to be as selective as possible. (So I attend the function which promises to be the best time). And if I piss someone off by not attending, then it's one less thing to worry about next time when I'm not invited, right?
Jason: thanks! It's a throwback to ninth grade English class.

JC: I totally agree. Select, don't settle! People know that since I say "no," I really mean "yes" when I do decide to grace others with my presence. ;-)
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