Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It's pretty much me.

So, I was looking on corbis for pictures of refrigerators, and I found this.

I'd recognize the back of that head from anywhere...

There are other parts of the head to recognize.
ugh, I have such a big Irish head! ah well. So does the refrigerator model, muahaha.

You loook good.
wombat: yeah, the fridge is probably one of my favorite places.

nowak: why, thank you. I'm finding myself being self-critical, even though that isn't me...isn't that strange.

THIS JUST IN: I'm talking to my little brother online...he didn't read the fine print....and he thought it was me!

Bub: so did you submit that?
meg: the picture?
meg: it's not me!
Bub: ohh, wow
Bub: whoops.
Is your fridge that well stocked? If I'm not mistaken I think that's Molson Ice just left of your head in the fridge.

we have yeungling light, I think. And maybe some heineken.

and like my doppelganger, we have orange juice and yogurt.
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