Thursday, August 17, 2006


Just wanted to say...

That I love work.

I'm sitting here, eating candy, blasting "Lovin' Each Day" by Ronan Keating, and doing my thing.

I work with the friendliest, nicest, smartest people. In the coolest building. In a great part of town.

When in college, I never dreamed that I would enjoy coming to work so much. But oh, how so!

If you love your work, send a photo.

Wombat: I was going through my pictures last night...I have a few in mind.

Everyone, check out and send pictures to dearest Wombat's new site!
If you love work, why don't you marry it??

Sorry...that really had to be said. Because I am five.
Hmpf. I'm at the central lobby right now, answering a barrage of questions.

bub: I just came back from lunch, when I was sitting in the sun. be jealous. (oh wait. you hate the sun.)
I always say that I feel so lucky to work here too. True, we don't get paid as much because we're in the non-profit sector, but the atmosphere is laid back, the management is great, and people are fantastic (and ridiculously good looking, hehe). I have friends that HATED their first "real" jobs so much that they chose to quit and live home. We're the lucky ones.
CP: We're so hot. Our lunchroom is like a model shoot. It's okay, we can admit it. :-)
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