Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Lady vs. Weirdo

The sun must be hitting me harder than I thought...because I've been overcome by the urge to purchase a parasol. I've always laughed at those goofballs wandering around with umbrellas in the sun - but part of me has wondered, too. Do they really alleviate the pains of the searing heat?

Carrying a parasol would be counter-productive, seeing as how I look forward to the summer, since it makes my sickly pale skin a little less ghastly. But there are ways around that - such as a trip to the beach. Or bronzer. Or something.

If I'm going to do this (and I probably won't), I'm going to do it in style. Luckily there is a website for delicate fashionistas such as myself.

You wouldn't.
Parasols always remind me of Howard's End, or any of those other period English novels.

They're full of consumptive women with hearts chock-full of unrequited lust, parading around the grounds of grand manors in formal dress (plus parasol) or taking tea with strangled conversations full of subtext.

I forgot my point now.

i-66: would I? I'll either be the laughingstock of DC, or leading the charge on a bold new trend.

(and you thought Uggs were bad!)

Wombat: ...sounds about right.
I posted about these fools a few weeks back...i can't figure it out either!
Although coming from another female point of view, they are really pretty. And I checked out the Web site, and they're pretty cheap! And can be doubled as home decor! Meg, if you decide to get one, count me in and I will purchase a parasol with you.

On another note, there is a blood drive this Friday for Red Cross and 99.5. If you give blood, you get a t-shirt and a coupon for a free burrito from California Tortilla.
nowak: an umbrella is soooooo passe :-)

CP: My thoughts exactly! I'm definitely getting one - I have to call the place (will do after - ahem - 2 pm), and see if they have more in stock. I'll let you know! Are there any in particular that you like?

And count me in for the blood drive! Where is it?
All the upper-class and fashionable young women in China carry about parasols to and fro.
You might be able to pull off a parasol on the Mall and around areas like that, but I can't see it working very well in places other than that. Parasols seem more suited to the country than the city.

On the other hand, it's monstrously hot, so you might in fact start a trend.
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