Thursday, August 03, 2006


"she's my kind of rain"

Walking back from the work happy hour, I had one thought on my mind...getting to my apartment and chowing down on kielbasa, pineapple, and rice. It was slightly raining. Fat drops, but they were few and far between. Weary from the heat, I slouched in my tank top and skirt, and plodded along.

I crossed the CVS parking lot (so it's not CVS, but I consistently call it CVS here), passing in front of a car that was waiting to pull into the street.

The driver waved and honked, and I, well, ignored it, thinking that he was honking at someone else, since I didn't recognize the vehicle, and the windows were tinted. The honk became a bit insistent, so I looked back, and he was waving and honking at me.

I walked next to the driver's side door, the window was open. And the occupant said, "You're really pretty. Can I have your number?"

I smiled, and said "Oh! I have a boyfriend...but that's awfully sweet of you."

He said something else that I didn't hear, so I said "What?" He said it again, and I didn't hear him again. So I said, "What?" When I didn't hear it a third time, I felt like a fool, so I just smiled and said "Oh, I'm all set. Bye!" I think he may have said that we could still be friends, but I'm not sure.

It's curious how quickly that lie came to me, that I have a boyfriend. I don't know anything about the guy, but I closed the door to anything ever happening rather quickly. In the time it took me to open my mouth, a millisecond, without any thought whatsoever.

As I finished the walk back to my apartment, I wondered why this was. Well, he looked older. I also did not find him attractive. And there's something not-too-cool about giving my number to a random guy in a "CVS" parking lot.

For all of my complaining about a month ago of guys not doing enough, there have been two guys in the past two weeks willing to toss down their hearts at my door. And I've turned my head, assessed the situation, and said, "no, no thanks."

Looking back a couple of hours later, I'm in agreement with my snap decision to turn the guy down. I do admire him, though. Forgoing that Missed Connections nonsense and shooting for the moon (that would be me). It will be a shame if I perhaps contributed to the ceasing of random proposals/compliments.

But, if he wants a better rate of success, I suggest that he change his game plan. He should give girls his number, with them having the option to call him. No one wants to make herself susceptible to craziness by giving out her number to a random guy.

Meg, you gotta give us guys a break! Maybe it's just that I've been living in Cali too long, or have too much machismo, but asking for a phone # is a big committment. Normally, we (guys) just go around with the window down banging ont he side of the door saying things like, "Hey Mami! Looking good! You wanna come home with me?"
The fact that you turned down two guys in the last two weeks just means that you are being selective in your choice of a date. You have the right to be picky, especially after that last psycho!
I know! I was surprised!

But I don't know...I need letters of reference, or something, a la the Victorian days.

I feel sorta bad, since he was unceremoniously shot down. But one has to be realistic here. I'm not McDonald's - one can't drive up, ask for what he wants...and automatically expect to get it.
CP: Thanks! When passing your office, I thought I saw the look of blog concentration in your eyes :-)
Meg, this story does not shock me one bit. Hi, remember just last week when you got honked at while we were walking down the street to Rite Aid? Maybe it was the same man? Then there was the time you got stalked by Texas Crazy Fish Dude.
Look at all these possibilities... Mr. Right may be around the door..but honey, don't pass up the Mr. Right Nows. I expect a man in your bed on Saturday.

and.. action
E: It's like Michigan Ave all over again. Woo!

The only man in my bed on Saturday will be...well, I can't think of anything clever. But there won't be anyone but me, and hopefully a book.
You could have said Jack Daniels.
CP: ah...or John Knowles.
Was this guy driving a van with curtain on the back windows?

Just think...what a great story it would have made. "Yes, we met in the parking lot of a CVS, it was love at first sight".
I'm not McDonald's - one can't drive up, ask for what he wants...and automatically expect to get it.


I am SO not a fan of the drive-by pick-up. I'm pretty sure I got some kissy noises from a car this morning (my LEAST FAVORITE). I was looking for a link about that, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, kissy noises = bad strategy for dudes.

Here's a thing that describes my current article, which is why I'm taking forever to comment on your blog and not actually working straight through...yeah
nowak: nope...a small car. low to the ground. good trunk space, for hiding bodies.

mel: so, there's this quote by Twain (I think), saying something along the lines of "whenever you write a sentence that you are especially pleased by...strike it out."

A Delightful Manuscript!

And yeah... anything BUT the kissy noise. Yuck.
I just get people leaning out of windows and yelling "JOYCE! YAHHHHH!" as I walk around the rotary.
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