Monday, September 25, 2006


AIM conversation

pat: So tonight it's a set up Windows party
pat: For a little while
meg: nice!
meg: I'm trying to figure out what to blog about
pat: Blog about how much ass New Orleans is kicking tonight in their first time back in the Superdome since Katrina
meg: I'm not watching it
meg: so it wouldn't be a good entry
pat: So turn it on
pat: You're not watching anything, so even football would be better than that
meg: you're saying that any TV is better than no TV?
pat: Just to annoy you, yes
meg: (are you just giving me a subject to rant on?)
meg: hahaha
pat: I knew you'd have a problem with that


I was in a contrary mood after work today - I didn't want to go back to my apartment (it would have felt like I was giving up on the day), but I didn't particularly want to go anywhere. Facing that dilemma, I decided to just walk in the direction of Metro Center. Getting to the White House, I plopped down and just sat on the curb for a while. I think I probably looked pretty despondent, but it was one of those times that I wasn't thinking of anything in particular, just watching the ants on the ground (and wondering, "AH!! Did I sit on a nest?!" Three ants do not a nest make. And why does "nest" seem like such a disgusting word now?), listening to a faraway harmonica that reminded me of a goose honking, etc.

A couple of girls jogged by, and I thought about how cool it would be to have a workout partner. Someone who happened to go at the same pace as me, but would inspire me to go faster during those rough moments/inspire me to, you know, to work out regularly. I heard the girl gabbing as she jogged by, gasping for breath at the completion of every couple of words. It reminded me of high school, when Katie and I had to jog for volleyball. To pass the time, we'd talk about homework, and I'd sum up the chapters we had to read for English. I particularly recall analyzing Silas Marner.

After looking sketchy for what I felt was an appropriate length of time, I got up and walked away from the strongly setting sun. Tooling by some motorcycles, I saw a guy loading up his Vespa. He was skinny, nerdy, looked so dorky, but hardcore rap was echoing from his speakers; it was perfect.

I say good for you for not turning on the TV! I also get crap for that a lot: "why would you rather blog, IM, or talk on the phone when you could watch TV?!!" Most days, I'd rather do just about anything than watch TV...

I agree with the gorgeous afternoon: it's hard to force yourself to give up the gorgeous days. I'm sure you didn't look like too much of a freak sitting on the corner. ;)
If and when I move to MD in November, I will be your workout partner!
TC: my internet habit is just as bad (or worse than) other peoples' TV habits. Ah well. One needs a vice!

cp: hurray!! though you'll kick my ass. Definitely.
I remember silas marner. I actually chose that book to do a huge project cause it was so short. O and about running and chatting, it is painful. Today on one of those elimidate shows, a girls' date idea was to go running and have a conversation...not too flattering.
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