Saturday, September 16, 2006


Appearance Matters. Apparently.

This week I've been pretty good about wearing sneakers on the commute to work, even though it makes me feel dowdy when I'm wearing a skirt.

I had a quick 3-minute conversation with a coworker on my way out the door on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?). He said that my feet looked comfortable, and I replied that yes, they were, but they certainly weren't hot (in the attractive sense, not temperature-wise). He told me that no one cares about how shoes look, people know I'm commuting, and I replied that he cares about his shoes and how they look.

(I am aware that that was a twist in logic, and I was hoping he wouldn't notice. He did.)

He then pointed out that I wouldn't want to be with someone who cared if I wore sneakers to work...and he had me there.

Which all leads into...

The fact that three random people commented on my appearance yesterday.

First, during lunch, I had the urge to walk around the circle. From that urge, I'm wondering if the need to walk is hard-wired in me now, because I had missed my early morning skedaddle to the metro (E kindly and thoughtfully gave me a ride).

Anyhow, so this older guy is coming toward me on his bike, and as he's passing me, he said, "You wear it well, my dear!"

First off, what a lovely thing to say to someone. I'm not sure what "it" was - my clothes (sundress, blazer, MY FAVORITE BOOTS!!!)? My height? My hair, or something else? Who knows. But it was a nice boost.

Then we went to the T-spot. I was feeling sensory overload - the extremely loud banging + accompanied wailing on the guitar, the smell of cigarette smoke, etc, so I decided to go outside for a few minutes.

And I really feel like I should get a prop cigarette or something, because I always feel stupid just standing there, getting some fresh air. Must people always be doing something in order to appreciate the outdoors?

Anyhow. There was this homeless man talking to the bouncer, saying that he had put his toothpaste in his back pocket, sat on it, and it pushed all of the toothpaste out of the tube and into his pocket.

I asked him if he wanted some napkins - and he looked at me, and said, "Hello, lady!" And to the bouncer - "She is just so beautiful. Isn't she beautiful?"

The bouncer kind of murmured awkwardly...

And lest you all think that I'm getting all high and mighty on myself, 1) I am aware that the person who called me beautiful had just confessed to a lapse in toothpaste storing judgment, and 2) This final story is about me being made fun of.

Okay, so I drove back from the T-spot in C-note's car (I had only had, like, seven pepsis at the bar), parked it, went inside, promptly began to change.

Then I realized that I had left my cell phone in C-note's car. Curses. Since I was lazy when changing, I had left my boots went outside in "running" shorts (quotes are used because I've never actually run in them), a sweatshirt, and my favorite brown boots.

A hodge podge, yes, but since I never see anyone, I wasn't too concerned, but, since I looked like someone trying out for "Who Wants to Be a Superhero," (SloppyGirl? ExerciseWoman?) I figured I'd run into some hot boys that I had never seen before.

And, um, I did.

There were three of them, and we were all walking to the back door of the building from the parking lot. One guy called out, "I don't think your boots match your jogging shorts!" and I kind of just laughed, and said that the blue actually did match.

So another said that perhaps if I were wearing brown corduroys and a blue sweater or something, it would match, but not the boots and the shorts. I lamely tried to explain that I had been in the middle of changing, and I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone in the car, but my excuses fell on drunk ears.

I asked them how long they had lived in the building, and the blond one said that he's been here for a month and a half. He asked if I lived on their floor, and I said no, and said the floor that we live on. He said something along the lines of "Oh, it must be cheaper up there" ... or something? I didn't understand the insult - maybe because I didn't match? I don't know.

Something about them seemed sketchtastic - but one never knows. It could have just been the level of intoxication. (A good neighbor is hard to find - anon/xander, I miss you!!)

So, to answer the question posed to me a couple of days ago, I want a guy who will notice when I'm wearing cute shoes, and not give a damn when I'm wearing sneakers. Or be weird, and think it's cute when I'm wearing sneakers with a skirt. Why the heck not?

I had not heard the word dowdy before.
here here.
i want a man who thinks im beautiful/cute no matter what im wearing :)
There's a key difference between wearing sneakers and a skirt and wearing boots and "running" shorts.
I agree. Who cares about height requirements or anything? I want a guy who likes me in boots and shorts, and sneakers and skirts.
rem: always thrilled to expand a vocabulary!! (and you know I'm serious!)

mona: If I find one, I'll send you his brother, of course.

bub: yes - one is mundane, and the other is spectacular.

TC: They're out there!
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