Tuesday, September 05, 2006


a few quick things

1) Either I've gained weight, or I've shrunk this shirt. Either way, it's a problem.

2) I went for my last swim of the season on Sunday. The pool was closing Monday, but I wasn't sure if I'd be around, so, having a spare moment Sunday morning, I dove (and cannonballed) on in. The sky was overcast, the lifeguards were wearing jeans, and they told me I was the first visitor in three days. I went to the deep end and did it cold turkey...coming back up with a yelp because it was freezing. One of the lifeguards was instructed to sit on the chair and lifeguard me. It was awkward. I'd come up from the shivery deep, only to see the girl just watching me. I'd tread water, stare into space...look up...and there she was, watching me.

3) If you're a man pushing 60, don't hit on girls in their 20s in the bar. And if you do happen to have a lapse in judgment, and do just that, don't look at their heels, and say "did a whip come with those?" And when she replies with a "no, that costs extra," it's right to scamper away to the bathroom, and never speak to her again.

4) Regarding 3, wtf? Imagine having that confidence! It's kind of admirable, being completely oblivious of reality. I wish I had the nerve to walk up to a man of my dreams.

5) Croc hunter. So sad. He was only 44!! His poor children.

At least now you'll know the feeling if you have an actual stalker.

...hm. That wasn't as reassuring as I thought it would be at first.
"It's kind of admirable, being completely oblivious of reality. I wish I had the nerve to walk up to a man of my dreams." I'm with you there!!

About the shirt situation... I've been there before too, and neither is good. They both suck. Oh good, I didn't gain weight, but my shirt is still shrunk so I still can't wear it. Well crapola.

I think you need to find a new bar... however, I liked your comeback! WTG!
i-66: very true....although I don't know if a stalker would be so obvious...right? right?!

tc: very true. Afterall, one can always lose weight (well, theoretically), but one can't make a shirt grow!
It isn't your job to fit your clothes...it is your clothes' job to fit you!
Man..talking about old men...this summer I got hit on by men no younger than 50...good for them, but it's pretty demoralizing for a girl of 25!!!!
cp: I suppose...

mona: I know! It's like "Do you think I'm in your league? Am I in your league?!?"
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