Saturday, September 02, 2006


procrastinating taking a shower

So it's been pretty fallish here lately. Even though that has meant torrential downpours, I'm fairly ecstatic.

October is my favorite month. (and yes, I'm aware that it's September)

1) boots
2) sweaters
3) pumpkin muffins at the corner bakery (they're year-round, but whatev...)
4) spooky atmosphere, with wind and darkness + Halloween
5) crunchy leaves on the ground, swirling leaves in the air

Not everyone loves the gloriousness that is autumn. My away message last night was...

meg: FALL weather is HERE! (for now!) yay!

Tans responded:

tans: boooooooooooo fall sucks!

6) Uggggggggs.

Or are those covered under 1)?

I too am a cooler weather person (when it's cold you can always put something else on, when it's hot you have to stop at your skin). Give me seeing my breath over sweating where I stand any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
I LOVE fall too, Meg. October is also my favorite month. What beats Halloween?!?! Changing leaves, sweaters, jeans, bon fires... oh it's just fabulous!

I know a place where can tans can go...
Geez, it's only Sept. 2nd.
ah yes.

that brings to mind - when can one officially bring out the boots?! I saw quite a few pairs out and about on Saturday...and I really think it's too early. Too soon, too soon.

TC: hey! be nice!

rem: yeah. point noted. (especially since it's supposed to be 80s all next week. How am I supposed to plan my wardrobe with this weather!!??!)
My favorite day of the year is the autumnal equinox. If you know what is good for you, it is your favorite too.
I love halloween; just the sheer atmosphere; the change of colour in the scenery::::I find it incredible romantic :)
meg, I was joking...
I'm a big fan of fall, especially here in New England. Nothing like apple and pumpkin picking on a cool, crisp fall afternoon.
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