Sunday, September 24, 2006



Today I was behind a guy who had a wallet in his back pocket. The thing was huge, and protruded a good three inches from his behind.

I know that he was a special case, and his wallet gave George Costanza's a good run for its money, but I don't get it.

How can guys sit with wallets in their back pockets? Or do they take them out every time they sit down? It seems very uncomfortable. Is sitting on the wallet a fashion challenge, sort of like wearing uncomfortable high heels?

Stupid question, yes. But I'd like to know.

I've heard of men having deformed spines/buttbones because they always carried their wallets (crammed with as much useless crap as we cram in our handbags) in a specific back pocket...and sat on them on a regular basis. Perhaps that's an old wives' tale...but it might be true. :)
I go through my wallet every month and throw out all of the cards that I've acquired that I don't need on a regular basis, get rid of the receipts, etc... luckily, I'm broke so i don't have to worry about money giving me back pains!

It should be noted though, that if you're wearing baggy pants or shorts, you can slide the wallet/back pocket over to the side so you aren't sitting directly on it.
I always move it to the front pocket before I sit down, probably because like the guy you saw, my wallet is almost large enough to be considered a "European Carry-all".
This is a very good question, Meg.

I'm a money clip man myself, the discipline of which means avoiding the George-style accumulation of extrania.
Most guys I know take it out before they sit down.
Generally, depending on the pants, if I have a lot of money in my wallet, (read: lots of ones) I might slide it to the side. Or, I may move it to a front pocket. Or, as you may have noticed this weekend, when I'm on a couch, I put it on the coffee table. If my wallet is in its usual state of emptiness, it generally doesn't bother me.
I usually carry mine in the side pocket. When it is in the back, it usually slides out of the way by its self.
mel: it definitely seems possible...they must subtly adjust their posture. I wonder if they sit sideways without it?

cam: very good point. Also, many styles of pockets on girls's pants are designed to make the ass look good. Guys's pockets are designed to hold stuff, I think.

jc: guys with big wallets always make me smile. thank you!

wombat: you definitely seem like a money-clip sorta guy. But how does that work? Do your credit cards go there too? Can all you need be carried in a money clip? That's amazing.

tc: thanks for the field observation! I gotta get on that. As my brother has observed...for someone who notices a lot of details, I miss some really obvious things.

bub: thanks!

rem: Interesting concept - a side pocket!! I didn't even really think those existed...and it explains a lot.
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