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I'm a soda addict, in that I have at least one pepsi a day. I've begun to purchase those cute little cans, but if I don't bring one from my apartment, I'll buy a 20 ounce bottle from the vending machine.

Obviously I know soda is bad for me, but it gives me the caffeine I need. A couple of months ago Tans and Pat tried to convince me to switch to diet, or none, but I can't bring myself to drink something that I detest (diet pepsi/coke) just to get the fix.

However, I just read a compelling and well-written article about soda...and I found it quite informative. It doesn't necessarily say anything that I hadn't heard before, but the author does a good job laying it all out. I'm going to work on quitting my little drug.

For those of you with 10 spare minutes, here it is.

The Case Against Soda

I'll read the article later, but my one comment is this: soda (we call it pop here btw ;)) IS bad for you, but Diet is just as bad. You get to choose: empty, unnecessary calories, or crap that kills brain cells. Hmmm. Let me ponder that.
Where'd you get your jean jacket? (haaaahahahahaha oh I slay me)

Anyway, I gave up drinking soda when I was in graduate school. I lost about five pounds (and kept it off!) and I didn't even really miss it that much. I'd have a glass occasionally now and then...especially if I happened to go out for fast food (which I really didn't do that much anyway). But other than that, I didn't drink it at all...and I didn't crave it, either.

I had a can last weekend (Dr. Pepper) and it was good! But then I tried to have another one the next day and I only got a quarter of the way through before I abandoned the whole venture. :) I also had a root beer last week when we went to Potbelly. many things, it's bad for you, but it won't kill you if you have it infrequently.
I'm like a pregnant woman who wants watermelon, even though they are out of season when I don't have any soda around.
tc: I agree. Sigh.

Mel: for the record, I wasn't inebriated when I made that phone call...this girl was obsessed with buying a jean jacket and I wanted to get her paws off mine ;-). You are actually my non-caffeine role model!

bub: good try. hahaha.
aha! see, I said the same thing! just cutting back on regular soda will prevent that couple pounds of weight gain a year. I knew I was good for something! :-P and it doesnt say anything in the article about Diet killing brain cells either!

and so sue me because I hate fall and winter! its cold and the clothes take up more room in my closet! (Ive been working everyday for more than a month straight, it took awhile to get caught up!)
tans: I never said that you weren't right, just that I love Pepsi :-) And I stuck up for you!!
I'm trying to give up soda too, but it's soooo hard! I guess it's just as bad to switch to coffee huh?
Jamie - caffeinewise it's worse to go to coffee, but coffee has less calories, so... your call. :)

Tans - sorry if I offended with where I said you could go: I really did mean it as a joke! Some people LOVE hot muggy weather... I say I'm not one of them and you probably think I'm crazy. Btw, you have a GREAT point about closet space...
I don't do caffeine anymore because it nauseates me. :) But if that works as some kind of role model...more power to you! :)
I actually gave up soda for Lent last year, and I just never felt the desire to go back to it after the it ended. I guess once you get over the mild initial caffeine addiction, it's a lot easier to pass up.

Of course, I can't get all high and mighty on you, since I'm sure I kill 743 times more brain cells and add calories when I consume my weekly case of beer. That can't be healthy. But it's so damn tasty. Mmmmm...beeeer.

And JC is, yet again, my hero.

Captain "JC" Duff, beer-drinker extraordinaire.
JC - my favorite ad that I saw while in college had the tagline "How many cheeseburgers did you drink last month?"

It never ceased to amaze me how all of the girls would order pizzas on Friday night without cheese to save calories, those who wouldn't dream of ordering a cheese burger or fries... but then would drink Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. :)

I think we all have our mini-addictions. I too, like beer, though, so good for you!

Glad you were able to give up the soda: I'd pretty much given it up for good (a glad now and then, for a couple every month, max) and then I started my current job. *sigh*
Go with Diet for a month and you'll never go back... I promise. I always hated the stuff until I had to lose weight quick for a bet... by the time the bet was over I couldn't stand regular sodas.
so the key to garnering comments is to write a crappy post and then leave it alone...

JW: I totally feel the same way. Maybe they make a caffeine patch?

TC: am I supposed to comment about comments that are about comments? I don't know the protocol. :-)

mel: you got me there.

JC: how much beer is in a case? And speaking of "high and mighty" where the heck have you been? Don't you know that you and your brother are the people getting our asses to church every Sunday?

Wombat: You and JC should hang out. Or something.

tc: every little bit helps! At least, that's my justification. :-)

cam: I'd rather quit cold turkey than have diet touch my lips.
Wombat...can an Aussie really have a Kiwi as his hero (ok ok, I'm a half breed). I'll be in NZ from Feb-whenever...come over and I'll buy you a pint.

Meggers...sorry I know, I've missed a couple weeks. One was laziness and the other I was at home. Got a bachelor party in AC this weekend, so I'll def need to go this Sunday...see you there?
Meg: no idea about protocol. Your blog, your rules. Write to whoever you want. ;)

Btw, I didn't think it was a bad post. I thought it was interesting.

I'm with you though: cold turkey is better than diet. (your weakness is Pepsi, I can't give up Mt. Dew... and don't dream of telling me diet tastes just like it because it doesn't.)
Meg- I know! I was just proud of myself for knowing something somebody wrote about :)

TC- no worries. Id probably be happy in you-know-where anyways, I love it when its disgustingly hot- probably because Im cold when its 70 degrees... oh yeah and Diet doesnt taste like regular at ALL. Mt Dew is my favorite too and I tried diet for the heck of it one day and drank about an eigth of it and threw it out- Splenda should be outlawed. Diet Coke and Pepsi actually arent so bad though... cams right, it was an aquired taste but after about a week I couldnt switch back because regular was too sugary.

Diet Dr Pepper is the absolute best though, I actually love the taste of that, try it!

and for whoever is a stickler for grammar, for some reason my keyboard wont let me type apostrophes and other such puncuation. I apologize!
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