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So I've been rather anxious about something, giving it a lot of thought/worry. I was about to bemoan about it on a buddy's blog ("buddy" - being a word that shows I'm from Massachusetts, of course), when it hit me.

I'm worrying too much again. Not enjoying things. Being all angsty and stupid.

This is not to say that I've suddenly adopted this laissez-faire la-di-dah attitude about things that are important, like those that I care about, the homeless, little kids, etc. But I hope - so hope - that I've had a moment of clarity that will last.

For example, I just started to get worried about "what's next" - you know, what's next after this go at work. I love work, and I love where I work (yes, yes, as we all know), but that doesn't mean that I don't think about the future. And I got this scared feeling, I recognized it as the one that stressed me out senior year of good ole' CUA.

What the hell is up with that? Why would I worry about that? Life, in all its joy, is not meant to be stressed about. Why taint the present by worrying about something that. might. not. even. happen?!

It reminds me of a fun BBQ on Saturday.

Mel and I were hanging out, I was holding the cutest, most affectionate, wonderful dog in the world (non sequitur, yes. But I love dogs), and Mel and I decided that we had to go to the bathroom. Thinking back, I'm sure I announced that. God, I definitely was drunk.

So Mel and I make the trip up the stairs together. I get in the BR, and realize that there isn't any toilet paper. Right away, because I check stuff like that. I tell Mel, she rummages resourcefully around in the linen cabinet, I sit on the edge of the tub, waiting for her to make a find.

Mel holds up toilet paper, I put my hand on the sink, stand up.

And I had pulled the freaking sink off the wall.

I was extremely alarmed. I HAD BROKEN A SINK!!! ARGH!!!!

So, a couple of minutes pass, and Mel and I are sitting in a room near the bathroom, I'm probably pretty close to tears. I broke a sink! A sink!! Well, to be fair, it was still functioning and pretty much attached to the wall. But it was alarming nonetheless.

Another coworker comes up the stairs. He asks what's wrong. I tell him. He tells me to stop worrying about it, and to grab another drink.

I retort that drinking was what had made me break the sink in the first place, or something. I gather myself, and Mel comes with me, and I tell JW. And she totally doesn't care (or maybe she does...if you do, TELL ME!!) - apparently it had happened before, which explained my metamorphosis into the Incredible Hulk.

Point is, it was a sink. And while drinking doesn't solve anything, getting a bit of a grip on the importance of things does. Or perhaps, getting a grip on the unimportance of some things.

Maybe this 30-day attitude transformation thing is actually working...

Ahahahahaha...I'm in a blog entry, yay! No worries, the sink was broken before. My roommate Jen and I have the "lets just make it look not broken" philosophy when it comes to fixing things. Needless to say, it was pretty precariously perched on the wall. Oops. Haha. So I think it was more of Jen and I's lazinessness than your super human strength. ;) No worries! It looks good as new now, maybe we should put up a sign or something till we actually fix it. :)

PS: I had a great time on Saturday!
haha :) Meg, this post was hilarious!!!!! I love good times like that!

I often say that the difference between men and women can't be more pronounced than when you're drunk (okay, and in bed too, but that's a whole other story).

I have two best friends whom I have known LITERALLY my whole life, and my whole life minus one year. One is male, one is female. To save their anonymity, I'll call them M and F, for male and female (I'm brilliant today).

When M goes out drinking and does something stupid like pass out in the bathroom with his pants down and his head practically in the toilet bowl because he collapsed right after puking- all of which he does not remember and his buddies have to tell him the story - he calls me the next day, telling me what a GREAT night it was, how much fun he had, and in detail, goes into his buddies having to help him out.

When F goes out drinking and ends up falling down in the middle of the street with other friends trying to pull her out of it, puking in the backseat of a friends car and then passing out in the bathroom after three people had to DRAG her up the stairs, she's all embarassed and refuses to drink for several months.


I think it's a woman's thing to worry... and I think we need to give it up and act a little more like men sometimes! We need to enjoy the being drunk and doing something crazy like breaking sinks (and hey, pretend it wasn't already broken: makes for a better story!) and telling people all about it.

Here's to all of us worry-worts learning to let loose (raising my imaginary beer glass). Cheers.
You forgot to mention that we also tried to make it look non-broken, and it looked pretty damn decent when we were done. I doubt that Jamie and her roommate had to do much to it to give it that casually elegant, "just-fixed" appeal. :)

I used to get really worked up about little things too...stuff that I perceived as "embarrassing" or "unworthy of the general greatness that I should be projecting 24/7" ... but that can really get so stressful. It's just not healthy. And speaking of 30-day attitude adjustments...NaNoWriMo should snap you out of that mindset right quick. The point is to make a 50,000 word fool of yourself and enjoy it. :) So that's what we'll do. :)
I personallly love waking up in the bathroom with my pants down and my head practically in the toilet bowl because I collapsed right after puking. But that's just me.
jw: that's pretty much my philosophy as well. And it was a great party! Thank You!!!

tc: There's definitely a happy medium between those two reactions - Both experiences sound pretty hellacious to me!

mel: That's exactly it. I'm speaking of the "unworthy of the general greatness that I should be projecting 24/7." That's exactly how I feel about things.'re like my ENV mentor, and my LIFE mentor!!!

bub: I'm glad we feel the same way. Love, your older sister.
ah to worry or not to worry...I am paranoid sometimes, and it takes a while for me to chill- thankfully I am also equally patient and am able to put up with my abusive amounts of worrying. That being said- I like you am 100% for not worrying- if you figure it out though, can you send me the key? Because the "it's all in the mind- a way of life and a way of thinking" is a great philosophy, which I "get" but can't seem to apply...ahhhrggghh I do hate this battle of will and wits.
Nice work Meg. Welcome to the world of "Bathroom Humor"....literally!
mona: "worry-free" has officially lasted for 24 hours. It's nothing shy of a miracle.

jc: thanks! I'll try to bring more bathroom humor into my blog, now that I know you appreciate it.
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