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Written last night, but blogger wouldn't let me post...

1. The first Scuba class was great. True to my prediction, there's only one other person in my class - a 45 year oldish guy. The teacher is awesome, and pregnant, so we're going to have a second teacher for the pool days. The teacher and I bonded over our shared clutziness. Although I don't want to wait, I'm going to do my Open Water Certification Dives in the spring, with the other classes, so that I'll be able to (hopefully) meet people. And trick someone into being my lifelong dive buddy, muahaha.

( they do underwater wedding ceremonies?)

After class I bought my mask, booties, fins (flippers?), snorkel, and a bright yellow net bag to put it all in. I lugged it to the Metro, and was secretly hoping that someone would approach me, and say "So, what's in the bag?" and I'd reply (with the hard-to-achieve perfect mix of sangfroid and snug achievement) "My scuba gear."
No one asked me, of course. But E and C-note were eager to see the ensemble when I returned to the apartment, so I suited up and paraded around for a bit.

2. I ran into that guy today, the one that I think was cursed to always see me since he had avoided my call, and never acknowledges me. We were both waiting to cross the street, I looked behind me (fate? to see why that car was going on the median? who knows?), and saw him. My immediate reaction was to say hi, since I didn't have time to compose my features into stony vagueity. He said hi back, and, confirming my suspicions, immediately said "Umm...did you call me like a week after we had met? My roommate and I were sharing a phone and uhhh" and sort of trailed off. I pretended to think, or something (oh, my feminine wiles!), said yes, and that it was no problem that he hadn't called me back. You know me, easy and breezy. We small-talked until we went our separate ways, then peaced out to our respective work places. Hopefully I've lifted the curse, and he'll either a) never see me again or b) not feel incredibly awkward if he does.

3. Mel and I hung out today after work - we stopped at Safeway to pick up strawberries and doritos, and I spontaneoulsy bought a pumpkin with a scary/flirty face on it for her roommate. We got to her apartment, picked out beers, melted chocolate, fought with the patio chairs to try and open them (and failed), then set it all up on her wonderful balcony. We had been sitting out there for about 20 minutes, gorging ourselves and having a grand ole time when her fiance came home. He joined us on the balcony, shutting the door behind him. Gotta keep the bugs out of the apartment!

And somehow, the door locked. The lock hadn't been set, but somehow...the latch was down. After our dramatic rescue, we staged several experiments to attempt to reenact the door locking, and it wouldn't. At all. So...we don't know what happened, or why it happened. But it had.

And by "dramatic rescue" I mean that her roommate came home (the one that I had bought the pumpkin for) and he opened the door for us. Thank goodness. While the balcony imprisonment would have been a tad inconvenient if I had somewhere to be, I didn't.

Therefore, it was positively delightful sitting out there with Mel, Pat, beer, doritos, strawberries, and melted ghirardelli chocolate. It was pretty much a dream come true.

Man, reading that... I miss my old roommate! I honestly miss that crazy stuff that happens when you share a place with someone else and wait to be "rescued" from something. :) The beer and chocolate reminds me of many a nights making margaritas or tinto de veranos... *sigh* The good times.
Good times. :)

And the answer is yes...they DO do underwater wedding ceremonies!!!
Scuba. Interesting hobby to just pick up.

Scuba Steve and the Rubber Sharks.
tc: definitely :-)

mel: I was joking...or maybe I wasn't.

nowak: I think I'm still in the process of hoping to pick it up - let's see how this class goes!

I'm glad your first SCUBA class went well. Although, here's some advice. Go ahead and do your cert. dives when you finish the class, and take the Advanced Open H2O class in the spring to meet people... those are the ones you can really rope into being life long dive buddies.

Also, here's a quote from a female diving friend of mine, "I wish I had been single when I started diving! I would soooo be a SCUBA slut."
beer! Since when do you drink beer??
Anyhow, scuba diving is awesome, I went in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef and saw Nemo! its like you're in your own little peaceful world, no talking or noises or cars, just little fishies swimming around you... you'll have a blast!
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