Saturday, September 09, 2006


"We drove off with a tank full of destiny"

Yesterday I left my apartment and was walking to the Metro - and there was this guy about 50 feet in front of me? Maybe 30 feet? I'm horrible at that stuff.

And he was walking so...jauntily. I don't know what it was about his walk that I loved. I think I had it down to the way he swung his arms at the elbows so crisply and full of purpose. And his suit fit him very well. Sometimes some guys wear suits, and you're like "What's the appeal?" But then you see a guy wearing a suit well, and it all makes sense and comes together.

If I had caught up to him, I think I would have blurted out, against my will and better judgment, "Your suit fits you very well" - so luckily, thankfully, we got separated at a light.

I've decided that I need an attitude makeover. STAT. Lately I've been seeing random people, and my first thought is a negative one. That's so weird. I mean, when did I get like that? So, now, as part of my transformation, I'm going to think of a positive thought for every person that I notice. Stuff like "Ooh, nice style." "Nice smile" "What lovely hair!" I might, you know, occasionally forget, but I'll definitely remember if I think a bad thought first, so then I'll override it with my positive brainwashing.

I'm also being proactive - this is going to be a fantastic fall.

September: my younger brother is visiting for his 18th birthday! I actually owed him a visit from last year - that was my present to him - but I'm finally making good on it. He's a veteran DC visitor, so if anyone has any quirky or different ideas for things that we can do, let me know!

October: I haven't officially signed up yet (that would be on Tuesday) but I'm finally taking SCUBA lessons!!! There are three lessons on Wednesdays, and three on Saturdays (I think). Then there's the open-water certification in late October. I. am. so. ecstatic.

November: Thanks to Mel, I'm taking part in National Novel Writing Month ( Between Nov. 1 - 30, I'll write a 50,000 word novel. I'm totally up to the challenge, and plan on getting to the big 50k, but with that said, I'll try to not feel like a failure if I don't finish. Writing my magnum opus means two things: 1) I probably won't be that social during November, and 2) I probably won't blog as much.

Speaking of blogging, I've moved offices! Now that I share a relatively tiny space with my superior, I'm thinking that I won't be so bold as to blog during the 9-5. Of course, there may be a relapse occasionally...but it won't be too frequent. I don't think.

BTW - Kiss and Blog, the partnership between Wombat and Midwest, has become just a Wombat thing. Midwest was definitey interesting and entertaining, so she will be missed. In her goodbye, she posted a link to another one of her blogs. She warned that it wouldn't be anonymous, and I thought "well, whatever that means..." In one of her posts, she mentioned her real name.

AND IT WAS SO WEIRD! Not her name - that's perfectly normal - but I never realized how I had begun to see her as being named "Midwest." I mean, I knew that wasn't her name, obviously. But it's so strange to see that she has a real name. It fires off a whole new set of neurons - to what extent is our identity determined by our blogs? Or rather...what's in a name?

Meg, first of all, I TOTALLY agree with you about Midwest! She'll always been Midwest in my mind... like, I almost pictured Wombat picking up the phone and calling her Midwest. Hard to explain but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!

I really like your idea of having something positive to say about everyone. I think I'll try it too: I could probably use an attitude adjustment as well! ;)

As for fun things to do with your brother... find some random things to take photos of to send to Wombat. :-) The totally random things are the best to do.
I'm glad to hear that I have made it to veteran status.
tc: I know! Did you see that she commented on Wombat's most recent post with her real name? I wonder if she got sick of "being" Midwest. I could see how that could become exhausting/annoying (having everyone identify you by the...wrong identity).

bub: yes, indeed. You've seen all the obvious charms that DC has to offer. I'm working on a plan as I type.
I did see that she commented on his post with her real name... I think it's crazy that the blog is now his alone. I saw he took her name off the top, so it just says "Wombat"... makes me wonder if he'll redesign it too?

Isn't it weird how into people's lives you get... when you don't even know them? Like, I want to know how things are going with Matt! And how the decision to quit affected her and Wombat? And IF she quit because of what Matt had to say when he read the blog? It would be kinda nice to have someone to blame for the end of W&M. ;)

I agree that it would be hard to have people call you by something else all the time... that's an interesting way to look at it. I think I took it to be that she was in a "couple" now, so that meant that blogging about singles' life wasn't for her, but I read a bunch of the archives this weekend while trying to make my decision and this wasn't the first time either one of them had a significant other, so... I guess after two years she just wanted a chance to be herself?
tc: let's just hope that all goes well with her and Matt :-) It seems as though they are well-suited!
I agree. :)

I miss her comments and I honestly don't think anyone else can take her place on the blog, but I wish her the best of luck.
I can't wait to read your novel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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