Thursday, October 26, 2006


*must chew gum!*

So last night C-note had a crisis, so we reverted to our Crisis Management Plan (something that every good DC worker/resident has) - we went to multiple bars and drank.

She was sitting, poised, swirling her straw in her Jack Daniels on the rocks, I was guzzling down vodka and orange juice. After chilling in one bar for a while, we decided to move to another - Rumors.

We went in, went out, for lack of guys. I posed the idea of Lucky, so there we went. And ran into friends from Catholic. Including J.C. and his lovely girlfriend R.

Now, whenever I see J.C., I can't believe it's him. It's like a celebrity sighting. He waves to me in that funny way he has (usually making a face and pointing), and I'm like "Is that him? Is that J.C.?! Oh my God it's him!!"

Since our relationship primarily revolves around blogging (and bars, I suppose!), we started talking about you guys, and how we should have a giant blog drinkfest. TC? Wombat? Cam? Anyone? Something to think about. Of course, as JC said, we probably wouldn't know how to communicate without using a blog, so we'd probably have to clack away on laptops in order to function.

Whenever I get drunk in Dupont Circle, I always have this urge to go sleep at my work. It's so close, and my apartment is soooo far. It's not as though I'll ever actually sleep at's just tempting. You know?

Speaking of tempting, I really want a fried Chicken Fuddrucker's sandwich. I had half of one last night, and it was such a tease. I'm secretly hoping the pizza that my work buys for us today stinks so that I have an excuse to FuddRush.


Man, that sounds like a thing.

Can we do it next year maybe? Can't get away until then.
I'll begin to groom my liver in anticipation!

Wait...I think I've been doing that for the past 8 years already.

And Meg, I'm glad we met each other BEFORE we started blogging...otherwise we'd probably fall into that "nerds who met on the internet" category.
Meg - I am glad that you didn't sleep at work! I was tempted to sleep in my car and it seemed like an even better idea this morning when I was driving down 66 in a rental car in dead stop traffic for 2 hours...

Thanks for being there for me last night.
Giant blog drinkfest? Don't you know who I am?
First of all, I would just like to say that I think it's fabulous that the two of you sat in a bar and discussed blogging. :) Nice.

Regarding the drinking fest... I'm totally up for it. Where and when? Oh yeah, and while it is usually a little awkward meeting someone in person that you previously only knew online, I think that the alcohol will work wonders. We should be okay without keyboards. ;)

So is "reds" JC's girlfriend R? I'm so easily confused.
A chicken sandwich is again a necessity. And we might not even share this time. :)
wombat: definitely.

JC: totally.

c-note: no prob :-) glad I could be there!

i-66: you are the king of happy hours!

TC: hurray!!!! Yes, "r" is JC's girlfriend "Reds." So many nicknames! So little time! (or something)

m: once again, I ran off. Story to come.
i am glad to know that i am not the only one who has entertained the notion of sleeping at heldref. i mean, come on. look at where i live.

we could have an after-hours party. i'm sure that would be fun. we could totally raise the roof. or, you know, just have it collapse on us.

how pissed would ronnie be if he came in the next morning only to find an even larger hole in the roof, a mass of debris, and our lifeless, crushed bodies?

pretty pissed, i bet.
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