Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just came back from the movies, and walked around my empty apartment with one hand flinging open doors (my right), and the other grasping my pepper spray (my left).

Although I am of the paranoid sort, the red alert has been raised in the last couple of days. Wednesday, before leaving work, C-note gchatted me with the message that she had just spoken to Bethany (remember her?), and had some alarming news. A man had called Bethany Monday night, around 10:40, claiming that he had to get to our apartment because he had a package. He had said our apartment number - not our names - and Bethany was suspicious.

He was able to reach Bethany because she has her desk calls forwarded to her cell phone. And he was calling from the front door of our apartment building. He called four or so more times, and finally stopped.

Bethany decided that it would be good to let us know two days later. Whatever. When I came back from socializing with Mel and good ole' Gabrielle, C-note and E met me at the gatehouse, and we all walked to the apartment together. Me with my trusty pepper spray, C-note with her keys splayed threateningly, and E with her razor sharp mind.

It turns out that while I was getting spritzed by Gabrielle, the creepy guy was at the front door of our building, banging on the door and trying to get in. A woman had been in the lobby with her daughter, got freaked out, ran away, and called Bethany. Bethany visited our apartment, letting C-note and E know.

The woman described the man as being in his mid-30s, and wearing a turban. Doesn't ring a bell.

Being that there are three of us in the apartment, we each have a theory.

Me: He wants to get in the building to attack/kill someone, and just named our apartment number as a way to get in, not expecting Bethany to know who lived there. Luckily, since we complain quite frequently about stuff, she knew that something was up.

C-note: He wants to get to our apartment because he thinks that someone accidentally delivered a package to our apartment, not knowing that that person doesn't live here anymore.

E: He wants to kill an old occupant of our apartment, and will accidentally kill us at night, when he can't see our beautiful faces and know that he's got the wrong people.

Yikes. Whatever the hell is going on, we're pretty freaked out.

First of all... hope your madre isn't reading. :) Cuz I know what my mom would be like after reading a post like that.

Second of all... I think it's okay to be a little paranoid. I'd be contacting the authorities if I were you, and seeing if there is a security cam or something for your apt.

Finally... don't go in alone for awhile. Safety in numbers and all that jazz.

Good luck!
why doesn't someone just tell security or call the police the next time he's there???
Because security at our apartment complex is about as weak as a 95 year old man... oh wait -- he is about that old -- yes -- and he sits in the gatehouse all night and looks at cars coming in and out. Unfortunatly I htink we are living in a not so safe complex...
tc: I know!! They just might kidnap me and bring me home.

nowak: I told Bethany to let me know if he came again, and we'd file a police report. He hasn't talked to us, and we haven't even seen him, so it would be a pretty weak case. But the third time will be the charm.

And I'm printing out signs at work today that will warn residents about intruders. People should know.

C-note: Good thing E owns that pitbull! It tear apart anyone who tries to get in our apartment.
That never happened when I lived in 8502...then again, if it did, it was probably me or my roomate.

Maybe there's been a Fatwa placed against you, and he's coming to put a Jihad on your ass. (Damn, that almost made me sound like a Republican).
If I wanted to sneak into your apartment, I would just wait around the corner of the building, and wait for someone to go into the building, and casually walk behind them into the apartment building. I hope he doesn't read your blog. :P Seriously meg, not that you shouldn't be cautious, but what would you do if you were in the lobby and someone was knocking on the door? You'd probably just let them in.
jc: probably. we're pretty offensive people.

bub: DON'T TELL MOM!!! Seriously. She'll get really worried. I just heard the story about the "girl in Vermont" and it seriously sounded like she was about to cry. aaarrrrrgghhhh.
Meg, why are people running away from him instead of asking him what he's doing- it's a little odd- be careful- of course, but more than anything, I am ultra curious ..what does this dude want?!

also be careful with pepper spray- I know a girl who had some and got it used against just make sure you have a very good grip in case anything (knock on wood that not) should happen
Of course I didn't. But A) I don't think there is any cause for concern, and B) she DOES read your blog fro time to time, you know.
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