Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WARNING: does not cope well with disappointment

This article is on MSN today:

'Paris Syndrome' leaves tourists in shock
Japanese visitors found to suffer from psychiatric phenomenon

PARIS - Around a dozen Japanese tourists a year need psychological treatment after visiting Paris as the reality of unfriendly locals and scruffy streets clashes with their expectations, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

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IS this for real? What type of Paris are they picturing? I mean, I'm picturing swirling fall leaves, me in a chic chocolate brown outfit with some tall smoothie on my arm, as we waltz by the Eiffel Tower - but, as my man Thomas Fuller said, "Hope not for impossibilities."

(That sounds really pessimistic. I promise it's not, I just know that my little daydream probably won't happen. That's not to say that reality won't be better...because I'm sure it will be fantastic.)

I have no idea what they could possibly be picturing.

Paris is a real place, where real people live. They look stern on the buses and on the metro because they have to go to work! I don't see anyone smiling on the morning metro in Washington! Why should it be different anywhere else? (Entertainingly, I'm pretty sure you have less of a chance of getting sexually assaulted on a metro train in Paris, as opposed to Tokyo...but I digress.)

As I mentioned to you before, I like the fact that Paris doesn't feel like it needs to clean itself up for people. It's elegant and beautiful just the way it is...and any grittiness that might be there only makes it more real, in the best way possible. I should show you my pictures sometime.

I totally want to go back. :)
Japanese people just need more weed.

Funny, how we picture the same thing of paris... me wearing a cute chocolate brown out fit with some eye candy on my arm.

So, Meg. Is now the time to tell you the truth about Paris, or should I leave you and Cam in your little lover's dream? ;)
Dogshit and crap everywhere.

Central Paris has fine buildings, mainly because they twinked out of WW2.

It is also ringed by some of the most awful suburbs anywhere.

All in all, it's interesting, but no more so than Chicago.

In fact Chicago has better food, nicer people and more interesting architecture.

But that's just me. I'm sure everyone else loves Paris.
Actually... Wombat hit the nail on the head. With all of it. Especially the part about the rude people.

There are some things in Paris that are "must see" places, but even some of them weren't as interesting to me as less proclaimed venues in other cities. Take for instance the Louvre. Hailed as pretty much the art museum of all art museums, I have to say I'd rather spend the time elsewhere, like the Prado (Madrid).

Of the cities I visited in Europe, Paris was the biggest disappointment. Easily the biggest disappointment.

So no, Wombat, the rest of the world doesn't love Paris. In fact, I found that it got to the point that it honestly didn't bother me how much the French hated Americans, because as an American tourist there, I hated them as well.
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