Saturday, November 25, 2006


30 days to...a better me

I've really enjoyed this 30-day novel writing experiment. Other than living with a looming deadline, and feeling constant guilt for not meeting the 1,667 words a day quota, it's been great. It has challenged me to try something new, to be creative (something that does not come naturally), and it's given me a goal to shoot for. And, quite honestly, once I set a goal, I hit it.

While sitting at my computer, wishing that I could come up with some excellent prose instead of the mush that has enabled me to hit 36,000 words, I've decided that I should make 2007 the year of the New. The year of Experiments. The year of doing the shit that I want to do. The Year of Action, if you will.

(Well, actually, it's not going to just be 2007, since I plan on doing something in December. And the whole thing had actually started in October, with my SCUBA lessons. And I do hope I continue this little philosophy past 2007.)

The concept is of committing myself to a new experience for one month...sort of like, the 30-day difference. And I want it to be a good difference. I've only thought of a few so far. If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know! Here are some things that I've been tossing about.

1) Going to the gym. Alright. Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty basic. But I'm just so out of shape...sure, I can walk fast, and I walk a lot, since I don't have a car, but whatever. I want to be healthier/healthy. If I dedicate December to going to the gym, and to working on my cardiovascular system...who knows what will happen? Maybe my hatred of the gym will inexplicably switch to love and addiction? *fingers crossed*

2) Eating a Homemade Meal Everyday. This will force me to go to the grocery store more often, and to cook new, delicious meals. To stand in the kitchen, covered in flour, frantically turning pages to get to the next step of whipping up a delicious meal of Moo Goo Gai Pan. I know I won't be able to cook every night, but I'll have to eat at least one meghan-made meal/leftover every day. And no, cookies won't count. Alas.

3) Go to Church Everyday. Okay, so I know this is a bit out-there...but bear with me. Sophomore year I was super stressed and worn down from the school paper. In order to escape, for a couple of months I went to the 5:15 mass almost every day. When my mom found this out, she suspiciously asked me if I was going to become a nun. But in actuality, I went there for the selfish reason that no one could bother me for a solid 50 minutes, and it gave me time to gather my thoughts, send up a few prayers, and take some deep breaths. While I'm no longer the stressed-out Esmerelda seeking sanctuary that I once was, it would be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully some spiritual growth!

4) Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons. Since I can't do a box step without tripping over myself, I just know that I'll be asked to a ball someday. And I'll go. And then embarrass myself. So, in order to prevent that, I'd love to learn how to dance, how to glide on the dance floor, how to look into someone's eyes while waltzing, instead of staring at my own feet in abject horror (of course, being of the superstitious sort, I know that once I do take these lessons, I'll never be asked to a glittering ball. Guess I'll have to throw my own...).

A few other ideas that have me entranced: Taking an Arabic 101 Course, Finding and Playing for a Volleyball Team, Volunteering at a Kennel

I am willing to go to the gym or take ballroom dancing lessons with you.

p.s. I am glad I am not the only loser without a car.
well you seem to have set some pretty high standards-
if I had the time I would most certainly
- improve my spanish and german with some real classes
- learn how to play the guitar
- take singing/theater lessons
- knit a scarf for each of my friends with some pretty wool
- learn about a new country- like try to enter some club and learn about it's geography- it's food- it's people- language- culture and actually try to interact with people from there- preferably a country I know little about but am fascinated by- like Ecuador or Vietnam...
- definitly some dancing or marshal art
- brush up on my 60's music and 80's films
- get to know my city better- go jogging or even better- biking around and discovering new places- parks- pretty streets with colorful houses- trying out new cafes- checking out new scenes...
- cooking at home is a wonderful idea- you can look up recipes on the weekend- prepare what you need- for the things that take a long time to prepare- begin early- when you have time rather then have to cook when you get home and chances are you may not be in the mood to chop- dice and euh whatever it takes..
ok I realise I'm in a rambling mood- I think this is the longest comment I have EVER left, there is just so much to be done :)
Wow... those are lofty! Good luck!!! I'm sure you can do them... and when you do, I'll feel like the loser who didn't do all that! ;)
Oooo, volleyball! If you find a team, let me know. Though my volleyball skills are like my softball skills...bad. :)

i used to think i would hate utilizing a gym membership because i hated p.e. throughout my formative years and i dislike (as rarely as it actually happened) going to the gym on my campus, but once i joined a for-real gym, i absolutely loved it because, for the most part (and this holds true even if you go every day, which i used to, before i moved), all those people are strangers and who cares what strangers think?

i know you don't.

i mean, you shouldn't.

i will say, however, december is probably the toughest month to make it to the gym regularly, because of all the fun holiday stuff going on.

i have faith in you, though.
rem: I'm not a loser, thanks!

mona: I love your goals!! And I love rambling comments.

tc: don't be ridiculous. I'm just trying to catch up to your awesomeness :-)

jw: will do! let me know if you find any! meanwhile...I'll work on my jogging.

min: oh, I don't care if anyone sees me. I'm too lazy (that's why I don't go) and self-absorbed (is preoccupied with hating my life when I'm on a treadmill) to worry about the other people. Thanks for having faith in me! I'll think of you telling me that you're disappointed in me when I get tempted to give up :-)
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