Sunday, November 26, 2006


the culprit!

It seems that I now have a legit reason for not liking cats - apparently, I'm allergic to them?

On the plane, I heard a constant mewing. But I thought I was mistaken, because just today I was talking to my grandparents about them bringing their dogs on the plane, and I had mentioned that I had never seen a pet on a plane, so I thought seeing a pet on the plane today would just be too much of a coincidence.

And it sounded sort of like a whiny kid at the back of the plane, so I thought that's what it was.

At the beginning of the flight, I sneezed a couple of times. And then I sneezed some more times. And then some more. And my tongue felt all dry and my throat was all scratchy and tight. Odd. So when the Coke finally came around, I was psyched.

At the end of the flight, I stood up and grabbed my bag from the overhead bin, and I overheard some older guys two rows behind me talking to a girl one row behind me, saying "Oh, he or she probably hates you now!" and "oh, where did you get that carry-bag?"

In the row behind me sat a girl with her cat. Interesting...

That sucks. :(

I knew they could go on planes, but I thought they had to be sedated and left in carriers...
Around 2% of the population is allergic to cats. The culprit is a tiny protein in the cat's fur, skin and saliva. It's very difficult to avoid.

A biotech company has successfully bred cats without that protein. Very expensive.

Sedation no longer recommended for travelling cats. Does more harm than good.

Wombat, you sound like a robot in your response... too funny!

When did they change the rule about sedation?

Wombat, were you a cat in a former life?
I am a robot, Amanda.

Danger Will Robinson.

Sedation is up to the owner, and the airlines I've used don't specify. Vets (as always) are divided.

Maybe, Meg. I'm considering a new career as a cat whisperer. I understand them better than people.

Only 2% are allergic to cats huh? I find the more alarming statistic to be that 98% of the women I've dated have decided to buy a cat at some point in the relationship... talk about a subtle hint, "well, I don't want to break up with you in person, so I'll buy a cat, which will just make you stop breathing... that should do the trick!"
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