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*Last year, on Nov 2nd, C-note and I met the love of our lives, our former neighbor Anon, aka Xander. He's working on being an international businessman genius in Arizona, and I miss him tons. I'm so glad C-note and I went grocery shopping last year and met him in the elevator...Happy first anniversary! ;-)


Today was my first novel day, and I surpassed the first target of 1,667 words! YES! Now, just so there's no confusion, I won't be posting it or sharing it. *cringes and hopes Robert doesn't hate me*

I was considering it, but I can't handle any sort of criticism. And, in general, I like to put my best foot forward. If my posts were actually feet, they would resemble my high heels today. Royal blue, patent leather, pretty. AND, as it turns out, high heels really do elongate the legs and make them look significantly hotter. So much so that I couldn't help but check myself out in the Brooks Brothers window as I was hobbling by.

But, when I'm writing fast, going for quantity over quality, settling for less, I can't put my best foot forward. It's more like putting my best Ugg forward. I mean, it's comfortable. Warm. Soft. But Uggs tend to give legs a tree trunkish appearance. If I were to meet with, say, the president, I wouldn't wear my Uggs.

Last night when E, C-note, and I were returning from our Halloween festivities, a police car was squat in the middle of the entrance to our apartment complex. We were directed to go around, so C-note did. After parking the car and fixing our outfits, we decided to go over and investigate. A man from the management company came over to us, and I took the lead, in my Minnie Mouse ears and thigh highs, looking extremely serious. I asked him if something had happened. He said no. By this time, there were three cop cars milling about.

Now, I may have had a drink or three, but that didn't turn me stupid. So I said something along the lines of "Something obviously happened. There are three police cars here."

So he responded, "Nothing happened on the property." I reponded with something along the lines of "Was someone mugged?"

He said, "No. All that happened was that someone asked this man for a cigarette, and he didn't have one, so he was punched in the face, but not on the property." Oh, oh of course. That is all. So I said, bluntly.... "So, it was an assault." And asked where it was. He prevaricated, and I spelled out, "I walk to and from the Metro, daily. Where did this happen?" He suggested that I have someone walk with me at all times, which is helpful, if I'm Britney Spears and have a 24/7 bodyguard detail.

I'm still in awe that he -

(AH! A Britney song just came on my iTunes! Spooky! And for you statisticians out there, I have 3 Britney Spears songs on my playlist, and 743 songs in all.)

Anyhow. I'm still in awe that he tried to claim that nothing had happened.

Last night C-note, E, and I went as
a) "sexy" Catholic School Girl
b) "sexy" Dunkin Donuts worker
c) "sexy" Minnie Mouse

Without further ado...

Nice costume. What exactly is your friend supposed to be?
Those are great costumes! :) So cute! I can totally see why there was domino success! I want to know why you didn't elaborate on them though... ;)
It's like I've fallen down the rabbit hole and found the Playboy Mansion.

Every chick blogger I know and their friends are hotter than hot.

Thanks Wombat! You made my day with that one :)And I'm sure I speak for E and M too.
You are most welcome, C-Babe.

Holy jeez. I always go to the wrong Halloween parties...
nowak: which one? E is a dunkin donuts worker, and C-babe is a Catholic school girl. Oh, and I'm a mouse. Clearly.

TC: I will! I think!

wombat: um, we love you. Blogdrinkfest 2007? We'll wear our costumes ;-)

c-babe: Hell yes.

jc: I hope to see you and lovely R swerving on Friday...didn't you hear? It's the cool place to be.
(well, actually, it's been rather empty lately. I don't know what happened.)
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