Thursday, November 09, 2006


I hate trivia, and I love new blogs

Tonight we had the inaugural Trivia Night at work. I hate Trivia Night, because it reminds me of how much I do not know. Like, really. The only answers I knew related to my name of C-ment's cat. And M.T.'s middle name. And what sport J.Terry played in college. But, the author of "Sister Carrie" and what literary movement she was part of? And who said, "The scariest 10 words in the English language are 'Hello, I'm from the government and I'm here to help'"? And who fought Muhammad Ali in the "Rumble in the Jungle" match? And who is married to Sarah McLachlan? Lord help me.

On another note, there are two new sparkling stars in the blogosphere.

First is Min.
A bit of attitude and spunk, a lot of heart. Very insightful, and presented in a way that make you keep coming back to her page. Over and over. And it's hilarious. She's new to give her encouragement! Loads of it!

Second is J.Terry. Now, I just confessed my utter incompetence in Trivia. But I was on the winning team. You know how that happened? Well, J.Terry is a genius who eats facts like candy and then spits them out like nails. His first post is a solid, intellectual rant. Jump on it.

PS - I'm extremely angry with ABC for pulling this two month break with "Lost." I could maybe understand if they were putting something seasonal on TV, like baseball. I mean, it would still make me angry, but there would be an undercurrent of understanding. You know what's on for the next couple of weeks? SOME STUPID NEW SHOW THAT THEY'RE PIMPING. I hate networks! I hate political parties! I hate candy corn!

(See, I lead by example. I pimp new blogs, but I also have a little chit chat mixed in.)

PPS - I just watched "Grey's Anatomy" and cried. I did not expect to do that.

Another Grey's person? Sometimes, I feel like I am alone in my non-Grey-luving-world. *sigh*

I too, suck at trivia. My brother though, competes at the World's Largest Trivia contest every single year.

You only want to play Trivial Pursuit with him if you're guaranteed a spot on his team.
No! I don't like Grey's Anatomy eiher...I was just too lazy to get up and leave the room when it came on. Two of my friends loved it, and I watched two episodes last year, and they were

So I was extremely surprised when this one actually hooked me. But it was only one minor storyline. The rest? Pah!
What did you cry over? The baby dying?
so i am currently sitting on a couch in arlington, in jamie wilson's living room, and i read this, and i immediately said aloud, "um, meg was on my team?" and subsequently, i said in my ead, "SHE WAS THERE!?"

yeah, someone should have flagged me the minute i walked in the room...

have a nice triple threat [or day, whatev.] weekend.
You hate candy corn?

What the hell is the matter with you?
I too detest candy corn. It's the nastiest stuff on earth.

Along with those peeps that you can get at Easter...
rem: eexxactly.

min: I was totally next to you for part of it! it was you, jon, then me. I think more than a few people were a few sheets to the wind that night.

rem: that is still being investigated.

tc: I think we're twins separated at birth.
No!! You hate the show?
I saw a couple episodes this summer and I liked it- we only get it in the summer here so...and we don;t get Lost fact we don't get much TV.

I agree 100% with you about Trivia night- I always feel like I am culture and intelligence deprived- it sucks!
ew, i hate candy corn too! waxand sugar, that's all it is! gross:(
mona: I know! I've tried. One of my smartest friends loves it, so I really made an effort. But the chemistry isn't there. And next time...I'm bringing my own Trivia Questions. The names of the five members of Nsync, anyone?

min: well, I do like sugar. hurray!
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