Sunday, November 05, 2006


I Know Things Now...

I don't so much have writer's that I have nothing to write about. The plot of my November Novel has taken a turn in the direction of Romance + Social Justice. The plot is my life has taken a turn in the direction of procrastinating, and hoping that I write a bazillion words tomorrow.

(Common methods of procrastination: watching "Extreme Makeover," reading Missed Connections.)

Friday night I saw "Into the Woods," performed by the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society. I went because I had heard that Mel was carrying the pit orchestra with her incredible violining skills - and she did not disappoint.

One song, called "I Know Things Now" had the line "Nice is different than good."

That one threw me for a loop. Although common sense, I'm not sure if I ever really broke it down like that before. I think that often I do mistake nice for being the same as good. It's confusing - good people aren't always nice, and, more importantly, nice people aren't always good.

Basic, I know.

On an unrelated note, a guy demonstrated manners this weekend, and it really struck me. Basically, P forced him into walking me to a main street to get a cab. He hailed one for me, and it stopped on the other side of a divided street. I was all ready to say my goodbyes ("Thanks! Peace! Nice to meet you!"), but he bolted across the street, and opened the cab door for me.

Holy crap.

Two things:
1) What impeccable manners. It makes one feel special.
2) He's clearly good.

And you, being the intelligent woman that you are, of course got his number? Name at least?

(come on Meg, I need some good news right now...)
Haha, I wasn't carrying the pit. But thanks :)

As I mentioned before in passing, mine is becoming a political intrigue/romance novel. Who knew I had that kind of dreck in me? ;)
Also, I really like that song...and that line. I had the same thought.
The whole not having anything to write about is a major reason why I am not taking part in the November project...
tc: nope! I mean, he was just being polite. I had to act like that was normal!

m: Yes you did! You'll be the new Tom Clancy, writing about nukes on subs and whatnot. And that's so neat, that you had the same thought :-)

rem: plot what?
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