Wednesday, November 08, 2006


"I never see anyone touch himself at Dunkin Donuts!" c- note

E's in the midst of studying for the GREs, and as I am in the midst of writing a novel (yes, yes, you know), I asked her if she wanted to meet up with me at our local Starbucks to get some work done after work.

It's a great Starbucks, with a second floor that is complete with chairs, sofas, and several outlets. E got there first, and she was already up on the second floor when I arrived. Walking in, shaking off the rain, I called up, "Hey, Study Buddy!" It was totally like Cheers, or a corporate Norman Rockwell scene. I purchased a caramel frappachino and a slice of coffee cake (God, this venture is turning out to be expensive), and met her upstairs.

I opened up my computer, but before we got down to brass tacks, we started having a little gabfest, chatting about work, the upcoming weekend, the state of the world today, etc. etc.

Glancing around, I noticed two guys. The first one being a hot guy that had just walked in on the main level, and the second being an older guy that I'm pretty sure has been there the other two times I had been writing away. The older guy was just sitting on a sofa, contemplating life. It's a cozy place, so he was probably about eight feet away. And he was adjusting himself. But that happens to the best of them, right? Or you know, the middle of them, right?

Interrupting our scintillating conversation, I leaned towards E, and tried to be subtle as I said, "Don't look - but I think that guy over to your right has been here the last two times, just sitting there." I was successful in being subtle, because the guy was actually to E's left. I don't know why, but I still mix those up. Argh.

E looked around casually, and spied him. Then she got up to get a ham sandwich, to further procrastinate studying. Opening up my novel on my laptop (file name: a novel novel.doc), I looked around. And the guy was still there, adjusting himself. Again. And then lazily scratching. Or something.

Thoroughly icked out, when E came back, I posed this to her, in a strained whisper: "Either that man over there has a really bad itch...or he's feeling himself."

E looked, still casual (that girl's a professional), and said, "So there a nearby Barnes and Noble?" And then she asked me if I wanted to stay and write. Aghast, I told her that she could finish her sandwich. Looking at the wilted lettuce and ham, she proclaimed herself done. Walking out of there, E couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't walk fast enough.

I really liked that Starbucks, too.

Reading this post reminds me of Spain. If he'd only gotten up and pulled it out, my memories would have been complete.

Ahh, yes, the package adjustment... I liked the "up the middle" crack: nice. :)
The devil is in the details.
a novel novel.doc - brillant!

Over the 10,000 word mark! Kudos! You're 1/5 of the way there!
I agree with Rem, I def laughed when I read the name of the Novel file.

And sometimes, it just itches.
If it was itching that much though, JC, don't you think you'd take it elsewhere to itch it?
All I know is that I'm still laughing about it today and WISHED that I had been there with a camera -- Megs this should somehow get into your Novel Novel :)
C-Note, you have a point there. Pervbucks encourages folks to treat their stores like a living room.

Pants man was just doing what would come naturally at home.

I just hope for your sake Meg that he wan't going commando.

Sorry about that...i'll try to find another starbucks.
"If it was itching that much though, JC, don't you think you'd take it elsewhere to itch it?"

No. I refer you to man law number 51, which states that: "It is acceptable for a man to publicly situate and/or scratch himself in the region of the gonads. If at a formal conference, then do so discretely. If at a football party, scratch away, just no handshakes."
Repeatedly Chris? Really? No matter that it turns off every cute girl in a 50 mile vi
cinity AND those who read her blog?
tc: Glad to bring back memories!

bub: certainly.

rem: thank you!! I'll keep plugging away - I need all the encouragement I can get.

JC: Glad I made you laugh - your blog makes me laugh out loud...and there are few that do.

tc: thanks for advancing the debate!

c-note: I neeeeed allll the filler I can get! And no need for a video camera - just stop by anytime.

wombat: I do not know. From what I could tell, all of his action was occurring on the outside. But then again, I didn't look too closely.

nowak: sigh. If only I had a local DD.

bub: ew.

tc: right-o!
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