Tuesday, November 14, 2006


oh yeah, it was worth it.

This morning I read in the paper about a drunk driver going 80 mph in his SUV, hitting a Civic that was stopped at a red light, killing two passengers inside the Civic. The SUV then spun out of control and smacked into a rowhouse, rendering the historic home uninhabitable.

Last week I read about a mom, dad, and their two kids crossing the street. A drunk driver hit them, killing the mom and the two children. The dad survived, with injuries to his arm.



I do not get it. DO NOT GET IT AT ALL!!

Is it really worth it?! Is it?! I do not understand. It's the stupidest, stupidest thing ever. There are so many options out there: get a ride with a designated driver, take a taxi, take public transportation, or decide to not drink. God forbid.

People claim that they know their limits. I know that I'm a fairly experienced drinker now, and that one beer hits me differently on different nights. I know that when I drink, my judgment is impaired, which is why - if I decide to drink - I'm not going to drive. At all. Simple as that.

How can anyone make the gamble that they do? I believe that you can do whatever you want with your life. Whatever floats your boat. I don't give a shit. But to be so selfish, so narrow-minded to put other people in danger? How would you feel if you hit a family crossing the street? Hit a stopped car at a red light? Killed someone, because you couldn't control yourself and not be irresponsible?

People who drink and drive obviously don't think that they'll get into an accident. I doubt that the two drivers from the past week are bad, or mean people. But I highly doubt that the two drivers thought that they'd be sitting in jail right now, both on multiple accounts of homicide.

I don't understand it. What a stupid, stupid thing to do. Those who do drive after drinking: please explain. Explain how your convenience and fun is more important than two friends, a mom, a two-year old boy, and a four-year old girl.

If someone has an answer for you, I'd sure as hell like to know.

The number of arguments I've gotten into with my guy friends - oddly enough, none of my female friends do this - over drinking and driving is absurd. I've actually had to resort to some pretty strong tactics to keep them from driving a few times. The next morning, they haven't remembered any of it.
I'm glad to see in these cases that at least a charge of "negligent homicide" has been filed. Far too often, it's only involuntary manslaughter, and after ruining the lives of a family, the drunk is back out in 3-4 years.

I don't know why a regular murder charge isn't used. If someone gets drunk and shoots another person, they still get charged with murder. How is this any different? It would certainly keep these idiots off the streets for much longer.
Your level of outrage is awesome and I feel the same way. Some people are just lacking a few brain cells. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that the concept of drinking and driving = dangerous isn't new or controversial. It's a fact that has been instilled in our brains from the time we knew what "drinking" and "driving" meant. How flat-out dumb can someone be? It's upsetting.
Bah, I know my limits.
tc: well...girls can be stupid too! Thank you for being a good person and preventing your friends from driving.

jc: very good point...I hadn't even realized that. I suppose the difference with a drunk shooter and a drunk driver is that the shooter has an intent to kill? That's not to say that I disagree with your sentiment, however.

tk: very true. It's a deliberate decision that people make, knowing that it's dangerous. It's not as though we've had to change our way of thinking.

bub: *slap slap*
At least you didn't fail to notice that I was showing you the irresponsible sort of self-confidence that causes these tradgedies. People who get behind the wheel drunk don't think they are going to get into an accident, and that's the real problem.
Hey Meg..it seems to be a common trait of humanity- we - for the most part- don't see how our actions can affect others-and mostly, generally speaking we don't care-....after all we are the same species that, regardless of our supposedly higher conscience, still kill one another in the name of god, we let children in the world starve- we ignore the homeless when walking back home- we live in a society were as long as it doesn't directly hurt "me"- it doesn't really matter- so when someone has been drinking and they choose to drive- I think it's because they have never been a victim - directly or indirectly- so they assume it will never happen to them- and lets face it- alcohol really DOES cloud a persons judgement - because the notion of drinking and driving as a no is older than most of the people who get involved in these accidents in the 1st place. grrrrrrrrrrrr
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