Monday, November 06, 2006


Ohhh myyy GOSH


So C-note just called me into the living room, saying that Faith Hill had flipped out on live television.

Thanks to the wonders of DV-R, she rewinded it for me. I ran to the living room, and plastered my face two inches from the screen.

It was the announcement for female vocalist of the year: the nominees were Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride, and Sara Evans. There was a split screen, showing all of their faces while they announced the winner. All of the nominees, except for Faith Hill, who was backstage, were sitting in the crowd.

Faith Hill was in the middle of the split screen, and when they called Carrie Underwood, she raised her arms, smiled graciously, then...

something got through her head that she wasn't the winner, and she opened her mouth wide...and screamed

"WHAT?!?!?," looking right into the camera. It's SO SCARY. Then she stomped off-camera.

I've always loved Faith Hill. She had me since "Like We Never Loved At All," playing a tragic lover, filled with a silent, secret pain, and beautifully dressed, with hugeass hair and perfect eye makeup. But this...this is an interesting twist to the Mississippi Girl.

Okay, so while NOT a Carrie Underwood fan (and please, no one hunt me down and kill me for saying that!), she had to know CU was going to win, right? Right?

Who didn't know that?
So I didn't watch any of them last night, but I heard a bunch of them during my drive in this morning, and come on! Carrie Underwood sounded like a 12 year old during her acceptance!

Still kind of a petty thing for Faith Hill to do, but... I donno. I'm not hating her for it.
I caught a few clips of it this morning...hilarious. If you find one of the longer clips with the full can actually see Faith Hill mouth the words "I'd better f**cking win this" as soon as they put all the nominees on the screen at the same time.

Personally, I think Faith is just mad her husband is that bald that young, and she's projecting her anger on others.
Oh, that's precious.

Nothing like seeing an ego being donged hard.

May I just say that Faith still rocks.

I'll agree with Wombat: I'm still going to be a Faith fan over a Carrie fan. I just can't get into her.

tc: thanks for weighing in :-) I didn't think about Carrie one way or another (though "Jesus Take The Wheel" was a nice little song) until "Before He Cheats" - then I realized that she's multi-faceted. Hurray!

JC: interesting take. And you bet I'll be checking out the DV-R tonight for that beginning segment!

Wombat: I agree! Well, I feel a bit mean posting about this - kind of capitalizing on someone's disgrace and whatnot. A little bit of lowclass journalism. But it's interesting. So I'm pretty much over it.

tc: you are free to support the starlet of your choosing!

I can't choose. I've thought Faith seeemd a bit much ever since her hit "Mississippi Girl" - I thought it was a bit too smug, a little too "I'm in the movies! I'm an awesome actress! But I'm still really awesome in this 'girl next door' way!"

But she is totally beautiful, and has an amazing voice. And my iTunes says that I've listened to "Like We Never Loved At All" 43 times.
That was scary... You know my policy, no dating strippers, model, or actresses... Now I'm adding country music divas to that list!
I 100% agree that she had too much of a big head in "Mississippi Girl." If you are singing it, it's probably not true.

That said, I don't think Carrie Underwood deserved the award.

And Cam, I think that's probably a smart move. Of course, that's assuming one of them would date YOU.
oh, snap! ;-)
He deserves it every once in awhile, Meg. Someone needs to take Cam down a peg or two, and since he's always insisting I'm hitting on him, I figure it's up to me. ;)
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