Thursday, November 16, 2006



who is JB? I just got an evite from him.

And THANK God it's Friday. I can't wait to stay in, watch a movie (Love Actually? Aladdin? The world is mind for the taking...) and make peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses in them.

I heart, heart, heart peanut butter cookies. Send me some?
Btw, why are you complaining about invites from random people?!?! HellOOOOOOOOO! Could be Mr. Perfect and Meg's wondering. ;)

(Or JC could have just hit the wrong key/letter...)
JB = Just Besotted (with Meg)?

I got that thing from JB too! He probably has a list of all the hot girls in DC. :)
tc: okay!

and...I hope that if Mr. Right comes a knockin', he doesn't do it in the most sketchy way ever. Sends out an evite, signing it JB, and hiding the guest + response list. WTF? BTW - Jamie and I did some investigating. His name is JUSTIN BROOKS.

who is he? Lord knows.

wombat: Jim Beam?

jw: yes, yes that must be it.
I'm looking forward to the cookies... :)

He does sound kinda sketch...
ouhhhhhhhhh peanut butter cookies! I love those but havent eaten them in years (I 've never seen them sold here)
are they easy to make- well what I mean is-well I don't know what I mean- I could just look up the reciepe - good idea!!!!!!!!!! yum cookies
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