Saturday, November 11, 2006


Rambles of Lisa

A good friend of mine recently quit her job, packed her bags, and began a journey-of-the-ages with her boyfriend across the United States. They're looking for somewhere to live, so they're checking out towns and cities all across the country for $70 a day.

Her blog, cataloguing these travels, is Rambles of Leesa. I haven't read all of the entries yet, but my favorite so far is about Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Lisa is definitely one of my role models (and has been since we were editors together, when I was a sophomore!). Reading her posts, you're sure to see why.

ouhhhhhh- I'm so jealous- I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that- go across the USA - in a car with nothing but a lot of time.
Mona: Me too!

This is me attemping to put a link in a comment. Feel free to ignore.

Check out Slate
I want to do it! This has always been a dream of mine... maybe someday I'll get the guts.

So Meg, how DO you put a link in a comment?
hey TC! I cheated. I pretended to be writing a post, and then made a word a link in my post. And then I copied and pasted into the comment box, and changed the key words in the link to "" and "Slate"

Then I closed the post window, so that it didn't post.

If that isn't clear, let me know!
Uh... I'll give it a shot and then let you know.

There has to be an easier way though, right?!?!
to create a link ..if memory serves me right you can html it
name you want

euh something like that- my computer is slow tonight- but you should look it up on some basic html site :)
ok now I'm gonna try...coz I have to remember!!!
check out this website for free email called Gmail
euh -sorry you can't see my code and anyway I think it's wrong-
time to go to bed!!!
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