Sunday, December 03, 2006



So today, while driving to church, I got a phone call from my older brother. I picked up, thinking it was sorta odd that he was calling me. He was like "Hey, Meg, I'm here with Erin!"

And I was thinking that I was going to a) crash, or b) get arrested, so I was like "Hey! I'm driving, can I call you back in five minutes?"

Then I remembered that he never calls me, and that it's even weirder to call me and put me on speakerphone, so I said, "Wait. Actually. Is it important?"

Mike said, "oh, no," while Erin shouted in the background "Yes!!"

And then Mike told me that he and Erin...GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

Today they went to the beach, and were walking along it, looking for seaglass. They started to walk back to the car, and near the fence, Mike "found" a bottle with a note in it. He took the note out, and gave it to Erin. While she read it, he got down on his knee and proposed. Erin said that she couldn't finish reading the note because she was crying. :-)

Here's to gaining a sweet, thoughtful, wonderful sister in Fall '07!!

(picture is from this past August)

That entire story is positively Joycian. I mean Meg Joyce, not James Joyce. And now the word 'Joyce' has lost all meaning. Joyce Joyce Joyce.
I laughed at the part where you thought you were going to crash or get arrested... you don't drive and talk on your cell phone daily?!?!?!

Aw, that's adorable. Congrats to both of them (also, that's a rather creative way to propose, so kudos on that). =)
Congrats to you, Mike, and Erin.
tk: Kinda like that Earth Day proofreading test. Earth. Earth. Earht? Eerth? Erth? I definitely consulted my dictionary at the end b/c I was so messed with.

tc: No! It's illegal in D.C. (and Massachusetts) to talk on the phone and drive (without a hands-free device). That doesn't stop some/many people, and I break it occasionally those rare times that I'm driving, but I do notice that I suck at paying attention and I generally adhere to it.

jason: it was such a surprise! and my parents are very pleased: my mom's happy that she didn't raise a lout who doesn't know how to propose properly, and my dad thinks that mike got his romantic side from him. :-)

rem: thanks! I'll pass it along :-) (they don't read my blog, haha)
Really? Really? Really?!?! Wow... I'm struggling to even think of that! I talk on my cell phone almost every time I get in the car.
Meg, I think you ought to check the commonwealth's laws one more time.
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