Tuesday, December 05, 2006


These make me cringe

Bathroom keys, a la Cosi, or other places where they want to make sure that only patrons use the bathroom, and not desperate people off the street.

All covered in germs. Gross bathroom germs. Which you then transfer to your food, or what-have-you. Last week I was there and I saw someone place the key on a menu, and I almost barfed.

Also, apparently I don't have weak nails, I just have ridiculously clumsy and forceful hand movements that even make acrylics pop off with gleeful abandon during everyday, simple tasks, such as taking a skirt out of my closet and opening the refrigerator door. How do I function?

Ugh... I hate those keys. That sucks.
To think how much you must hate doorknobs. :)
My work has bathroom keys which is teh suck because I take medicine which makes me have to go to the bathroom often and I have to try and sneak by the receptionist so that she won't think that I am seventy years old or something - HOLY LONG SENTENCE.
tc: yes, yes it does.

bub: SO MUCH. Only bathroom ones...and I use paper towels on those. And I know you do too.

rem: oh, I had totally forgotten about that angle of bathroom keys! Don't worry: I worked as a receptionist one summer, and I always felt bad sitting next to the key, and I worried that people were worried that I noticed when they took it. I totally didn't.
gross. ew. gross. oh god oh god i know. and starbucks too.

you would think that they would know better. a soy latte costs one trillion dollars and they can't afford to let the occasional straggler use their bathroom?
Actually, hard surfaces don't support bacterial life very well. You could eat your meal off of that menu. And meghan... of course I do. I have to maintain sterile hands for my work at the hospital. ;)
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