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A couple of weeks ago one of my friends told me that he called an object of his affection on the phone, but didn't leave a message when her voicemail picked up.

I gave him a sound online whupping, saying that if he calls a girl, he should always leave a message, unless they become a couple and she knows, just by seeing that he called, the reason for his calling.

He argued that he hates his voice, and leaving messages in general. I argued that if she likes him, anything he says is going to be super cute. If she doesn't like him, leaving a bad message won't change anything. Hearing my opinion on the matter (and, for some reason, he takes my advice?), he promised to leave messages from now on.

Personally, if a guy who I don't know too well calls me and doesn't leave a message, it leaves me miffed. The whole thing has the air of 'ding dong ditch' about it. His logic may be saying "Hey, I didn't leave a message, so I can call back under the pretense of telling her whatever I didn't leave in a message." Or something.

She's thinking, "Hey, he's creepy."

About an hour ago, I left a message. I was calling a guy to see if we're going to the movies after work tomorrow. I was trying to be, you know, smooth. Here's the train wreck (too soon?):

"Hey, are we going to the movies tomorrow? I was wondering because I need to know if I should put a little extra outfit into my effort. Um...put a little effort in my outfit. Bye."



Meg, I love you. You are too funny.

So... what's the verdict about the date?
And btw, it annoys me when my close friends (which we all know after today I'm thinking I have less and less of) don't leave messages.
dammmmn girl, you're on top of it. thanks for giving me something to look forward to when I check my comments. :-)

And uh, no word as of yet. I guess not tomorrow? And if it is tomorrow, and I look less than awesome, I'm not going to give a damn.

(okay, I will. But I'm going to make sure that I don't look less than awesome. Can't hurt anyhow, right?)

hang in there!
PS - I love the new picture heading on your blog! so beautiful, they put me in an awesome mood to see them.
I do a sweep when I get home after working my second job on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and you're one of the few people who had something new up! It was nice.

Of course you'll look hot and knock his socks off, but it's still rude of him to not get back to you. Jerk. I mean, you did all the work, couldn't he at least handle that?!

And thanks! I love that picture and my old one was annoying me because the photos are anything but blurry, and yet that's how they appeared. I get frustrated with stuff like that. So I switched it up. :)
Meg, you crack me up.


I've left messages like that. Sober, too.

As for the voicemail thing, I'm a big proponent in not leaving a voicemail.

In turn, I don't even listen to my voicemail. If I see someone called and I want to talk to them, I call them back. They could leave a dirty, nasty message, and I would have no clue.
Strange that this came up today, because there is a whole article on Yahoo about how to leave the perfect voicemail:


I'm with Eileen though...sometimes I wait 3 or 4 days to check my voicemail, and I'll have about 10 by then. To me, a missed call says, "Hey, I called, call me back." just fine. Why waste my 60 seconds calling my voicemail, entering my password, only to hear someone say, "Hey, I called, call me back."??
Eileen, I'm the exact same way. Unless I can't get in contact with the person, I never check my voicemail. They called me, so they better have been expecting to talk to me anyways!
haha, meg, look what is on the front page of yahoo today.

wombat: I'm definitely accidentally amusing...but I work that like it's like my job!

ed: thank you for bringing that up! I was afraid that everyone was going to let me speak for all females! My roommate doesn't listen to her messages, and will delete them all at once. Many a time I have sat next to her, and I hear my voice saying, over and over "Hey, it's me-" and she'll delete them in a row, sans listening. The irony is that she'll leave me a message every time, saying "Hey. Call me when you get this," in an urgent, and serious tone, leading me to believe that someone has died. I call her back, and she's like, "Hey, what's up?"

cp: I don't know...because sometimes things are important? But most usually not, haha. And you've gotten enough of my work voicemails to know that I read that article right after you posted it.

bub: haha awesome. I guess I'm tapped into the cultural zeitgeist.
Meg, I don't know how I feel about leaving voicemails... on one hand, if you call and leave a voicemail, you should expect to be called back. I mean, hey, you took the time to leave the message, they should take the time to listen to it. Besides, calling and leaving a message is far less creepy than calling multiple times and not leaving a message.

However, sometimes, you want to just talk to the person for no real reason and therefore, leaving a message doesn't help... that, and if you don't leave a message, it doesn't hurt as much if the don't call you back.
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