Monday, January 08, 2007


catching some celebrities, a spoiler about Casino Royale

So last weekend when I was on the Mall, I took a picture of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Okay, so this past Saturday I saw Casino Royale. I had gone alone (because that's what fiercely independent, fun, smart girls do), and was a bit peeved when someone sat next to me. I mean, I know the theater was full, but I felt awkward laughing out loud having a stranger sitting next to me.

I found the movie to be entirely satisfying, and I loved the part when Bond caught the gun that was whipping by his head, then threw it and clocked the bad guy with it. It was such an efficient move.

However, the ending didn't sit right with me.


So, in the final scene, Vesper stole the money in order to save her boyfriend, as well as to rescue Bond from the clutches of a homoerotic torturer. Got it. As she was handing over the suitcase in a picturesque Venice spot, complete with pigeons and dusty motes, she was grabbed by a man with an eye patch.

Who the blazes was this guy? Why did a bad guy come out of nowhere? And why did he have to have an eyepatch, making him obnoxiously similar to the bleeding eye guy? I mean, two villains with eye issues? It's a bit much, if you ask me.

Whereas I should have been experiencing horror and stress and sadness while the building was sinking, I was just bewildered. Why would Vesper lock herself in the elevator? No one needs a martyr. Who was the man without an eye? I thought bleeding eye man had been killed? Was it him, just wearing a dapper hat as a disguise? Was it?

According to Wikipedia, Vesper gave the money "to a mysterious organization only vaguely alluded to throughout the film."

Ah, of course. I understand the concept of there being multiple villains in the world, but a second man with an eye problem was just a bit much and not-too-thoughtfully executed. You can't introduce someone in the last scene and have him resemble another baddy. It's not kosher.

Oh, and lest you think I'm all Miss Negativity, Daniel Craig is ridiculously appealing as James Bond. Something about a man who comes back from the dead, and have his first words asking the girl if she's alright, just gets me.

*heart melts*

Awww... cute.

I have no desire to see the movie, so the spoiler did not bother me in the least. :)
Hahahahaha. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Ah, Meatwad. :)
traveling chica, Casino Royale assures me that the sentiment is mutual.
tc: it's quite good!! if you're ever tempted...check it out. and forget my spoiler.

jw: isn't that weird? After I took the picture this guy scurried up, and said awkwardly "um, that's my food," and i responded breezily "oh, don't worry about it!" hahaha

bub: tsk!
Chris - :P
Meg: (1) I think the guy had an eye-patch, b/c remember, this was a prequel to any of the other Bond movies, and if you remember SPECTRE, the evil organization of Sean Connery days had a villain (#2 i think) who always had an eyepatch... perhaps this was a play on that.

(2) Not to sound like I was checking out a dude or anything, but didn't I tell you that you would find Craig Daniels to be yummy?
oh, and nice ATHF pic! I love that cartoon!
cam: I need to study up on my Bond trivia. And yes, you were right. He's amazing! But I think this is a case of personality/actions making one more attractive...because I don't think his face is anything spectacular.

cam: thanks! it was entirely accidental :-)
Keep up the good work.
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