Sunday, January 21, 2007


Let it snow! Let it snow!

When I was eight, looking out the window and praying for a snow day, little did I anticipate that I'd be praying for a snow day at the ripe old age of 24. But here I am, wondering if putting my pajamas inside out would actually work, and wondering if it would hurt to give it a try...

Per usual, when the snow started coming down, I got the urge to buy a shovel and get to the streets. Walking back from the Metro tonight, none of the sidewalks were shoveled. No salt was being put down, no sand was crunching beneath my feet. At the end of my ten-minute trudge, I finally saw two snow plows, breezing along with their plows up. What? What?

Where is the efficiency of the Northeast, the Midwest, and everywhere else in the developed world?

But since I whine about this every year (when it snows, every year. Catch on, D.C.), I'll stop whining, and just post some snowy pictures from the past.

On the lawn at Crazy Tony's New Year's Eve party (ringing in 2005). Apparently I fell...cuz that's my foot with the black shoe.

Me and C-note, laughing it up in 2003 (yes, even though we're from New England, we still take pictures when it snows)

Pat and his fraternity, circa 2004? They're very tough (and possibly inebriated?)!

Those are some great photos. :)

I still take photos in the snow too... and pray for snowdays! (I never get them, but...)

I have pics of my old roommate and I making snow angels last year, and if my camera wasn't still dead from my antics a couple of weeks ago, I probably would have been taking photos in the snow yesterday while making snow angels again.

I say there is a kid in all of us, and it's best to let her out to play every once in awhile.
"when it snows, every year. Catch on, D.C."

I'm still secretly wishing that we'll have a snowstorm & I'll get a day off from work (somehow). I miss snow days...

Remember our sophomore year, when that blizzard shut down school for over a week?

Meg: I hear rolling around in the snow naked is a rush... perhaps you could post pictures of that? :)
tc: damn straight! :-)

m: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! peas in a pod!!

kev: how could I forget? I thought we were going to have to get food airdropped onto campus. It almost came to that...

cam: the snow has tragically melted. my sincerest apologies.
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