Monday, January 29, 2007


Make the Price Right...

So, I was talking with a friend today about being single, and traveling, and blah, blah, blah. And, I asked her the question of: if you could choose being single for a year, and going on one awesome one-week trip, vs. having a boyfriend, but not going on any trip at all for a year, what would you choose?

She asked the terms of being single, and I said you would go on dates with some people, but definitely be single (alone! alone! alone!). She asked the terms of having a boyfriend, and I said that it would be a good, solid relationship (love! affection! happiness!).

She chose the boyfriend, not being "bit by the travel bug as much as other people," as she said. But then again, she's also been to Hawaii, Wyoming, Mexico, Germany, France, and many other awesome places.

I told her that I'd pick the one-week dream vacation. Hell, I've been single for over a year. And with a dream vacation as a carrot at the end of it? It wouldn't be bad at all.

FYI, my dream vacation is to go to Egypt, rummage around in the pyramids and ruins, explore markets and bazaars, etc.

I went back to my work, and she thought I was done with the silly questions. But no, I wasn't thinking about the article on the Fujita scale (did you know that there's no such thing as a F-6 tornado?), I was thinking of what her price would be.

So, I asked her what her price was, what type of trip it would take. I don't know why I was asking her, since I could not a) give her the trip of her dreams, or b) make a magical awesome boyfriend appear. But I wanted to know.

She said that it would take a one-month trip to New Zealand and Australia to make it worth her while to be single for a year. I said that if I got a one-month trip to Egypt, I'd be willing to be single for two years...not that having a boyfriend and getting to travel are mutually exclusive.

All this is to say....what's your price?

Single for a year = How short of a trip, and where?

How low will you go?

Even though the boyfriend's not about to magically appear, I'd prefer him to the trip of a lifetime. And I'm totally bitten by the travel bug right now: I'd still choose a solid relationship over it.
My parents live in Egypt, and I am definitely going there this summer- if ever you wanted to make your dream trip come true- you know who to call :)
let's put it this way. would rather go to the baltimore aquarium for the day by myself than get into a serious relationship before i'm thirty.
Hmm. I don't really know. As someone who has also been single for a year and knows its not that bad, if I was given the trip of my dreams--backpacking through Europe for a summer--it would be hard to turn down. But also given the fact that its been years since I've been in a strong, healthy relationship, I would want that too. Meg, why do you ask such hard questions! ;)
Well, I know that if I was going to be bogged down into a relationship for a year, I'd need to be compensated by a trip of at least 3 weeks.

And, you better get working on your arabic.
Uhhh, I think this one is a no brainer. Take the trip. And have plenty of non-committed yet fulfilling flings along the way. You can always find a man later on, but you may not always be able to take a trip.

Plus, you won't have to hide the photos of your trip in a box labeled "ex-boyfriend's shit" at any point in the future.
Now I understand why birthrates are down.

Ok...keep in mind that I am in a terrific, loving relationship...but if I didn't know Mike, I'd be single for a month in Italy. Not only do I have family in Naples, but I'd love to go to Milan for the fashion, Rome for the religion and culture, etc.

In fact, I'd give up talking to Mike for a month if I actually had this opportunity....but never tell him I said that...
tc: I was very interested to hear your answer! thank you!

monnnaaaa: !!!!!!!!! I'm going on a trip with my mom this summer (and using all of my allotted vacation days) this year will not be possible. Can I take a rain check? Really??

min deezy (hahaha): so, you're easier bought than others. I like it.

jw: I agree! It really is a pretty tough idea. Strong, healthy relationship? Or, strong...healthy trip? Both have a great appeal.

bub: good idea. I <3 Mona.

jc: I thought you'd say that! When do you leave? (have you already left?)

wombat: exactly. people in developing countries are beginning to travel!

cp: your secret is safe with us - and definitely sounds like a reasonable thing to say. :-) I can picture you in big sunglasses, in an adorable dress, standing next to your cute Vespa, enjoying gelatto, lit by the setting sun! PS - how's Alabama?!
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