Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What the blazes is going on??

1) There's been a fire in the Farragut North Metro three times in the past week. Um, what?

2) WHAT WERE PEOPLE THINKINGGGGG? Those things planted in Boston? AN AD CAMPAIGN! Who randomly attaches electronics to bridges. tunnels. HOSPITALS. as an advertising stunt? Menino is pushing for arrests, paying back of all fees incurred, etc. I say...go for it. Don't back down. They need to pay, if only for being absolutely idiotic. Honestly. This sort of moronic behavior needs to be punished. Everyone knows that you do not go around planting random suspicious shiznit in a city.

3) Here is my face.

Oooh, what's your earring of?!?!
TC: hahaha I love you! Boring earrings from Claire's, unfortunately. More tantalizing than they appear in real life. :-)

I thought they were cute! Alas, I understand: things catch your eye, but up close aren't as cool as you once though. ;)

Earrings are like men, no?
I must say that "What the blazes is going on?" is the best title ever. Also one of the best phrases ever. Let's get it back in the vernacular.
No Farragut North is not on fire!
actually, it's more like, your eyes and part of your cheek.
wombat: we need to get married...there can't be many guys out there that call my weird behavior 'hot.'

tc: they're okay....just not as cool as the picture makes them appear!

tk: thanks, man! will do.

mel: you and your esoteric jokes. thank you for expanding my mind!

min: no, that's my entire face. let's not pretend that I have a full head. it only makes me sad. :-(
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