Monday, February 05, 2007


Hey Caitlin!

So, I was totally wrong. About a year ago I mentioned the "40-Year-Old Virgin" on here...I forget the context, but I think it was in terms of "I can't believe people are spending money on that crap when there are such worthier causes in the world. What a lame movie."

Caitlin commented, saying that the movie had heart.

I pretty much scoffed (yeah, you guys know me...).

Well, I was totally wrong. Caitlin was totally right.

I mean, I wouldn't really opt to see it again, but if someone suggested it, I wouldn't run out of the room in protest, saying "well, you can watch it, but I'm not going to." (like I would for "Anchorman," "Old School," "elf," (sense a pattern?)

But Caitlin was totally right - the movie had heart. His friends didn't laugh at him when he told them that he was a virgin (alright, maybe they did, a bit. But not excessively), they tried to help him find the love/action/whatever that he had been clearly missing and had given up on. He thought he was hopeless - his friends gave him the confidence to soldier on.

And he turned down casual sex in favor of waiting until marriage with his girl. How often does that happen in movies?

So, there it is. I was wrong, and very pleasantly surprised. The "40-Year-Old Virgin" definitely has heart, and I had prematurely judged.

Tans, I totally apologize. P, thanks for forcing the movie on me!

I scoff at my brother frequently for turning down casual sex. Does that mean I don't have heart either?

On another note, I'll miss you some point get me your email address, so I can keep you on my "people to email" list while we're gone.

Hug smElle and Court for me, and stay classy.
I actually hated that movie... everyone else I talked to loved it, but I just felt really sorry for him throughout the entire movie.
Aww...I love Will Ferrell! He has a tendency to go overly physical with the comedy sometimes, which I can take or leave...but usually the movies end up being totally cute! Did you watch Elf all the way through? I thought it was charming! :)
Meg, did you know that that chest waxing scene is actually real? It makes you see things in a whole different light. Most of that film is improv.
jc: wow. yeah. your bro is a total loser. And I will obey your requests on all three accounts! And...I'm sure your emails are hilarious, so please get me on that list :-)

tc: well...I wouldn't say love, but I definitely didn't hate it. Surprise! And yeah, he was a real sympathetic character. :-(

m: WF makes me want to run from a building, screaming. I didn't watch it all the way through, because it was torture. Love, meg.

bub: yes, the guys we watched it with were quite impressed with that fact!
i just recently saw this movie too. i was really surprised that katherine keener was in it. i really like steve carrell. he seems pretty nice. also, i like puppies, and rainbows, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
I saw it and thought it was cute although the main actor kinda got on my nerves for some inexplicable reason..
HI!! I was totally way far behind on reading your blog, I actually have stuff to do at work now. But thanks for the shout-out, I was pleasantly surprised :) I actually watched the movie again the other day! With my parents... awkward.
I also wanted to comment on the "did I forget to wear a skirt today?" post because I may have told you this but at school I always had a minor stroke when the wind blew through my pants and I had to look down to check and make sure I had pants on. Glad I'm not the only one :)
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