Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Oh no I didn't...

So tonight I went to TJ Maxx with MB to accompany her as she looked for a new bag. After we grabbed a few for her to try out (and by that I mean "awkwardly and secretly stuff her shit into to make sure it all fits"), I made a beeline to the luggage, and finally settled upon this fabulous suitcase (okay, I have suitcases already...but two of them are the LL Bean duffel bags, and those aren't practical for trips shorter than three weeks, and one is my mom's humongous suitcase, and that's a bit too big, and my Building # 19 carry-on just developed a debilitating hole). After much internal debate, I also grabbed a matching carry-on bag to go with the suitcase.

Red. With white hearts. 'Nuff said.

I was a little worried about the image that I would be projecting as I stepped out into the world as a 24-year old. Was it too immature? A little silly? Or cute enough to fly?

As I was paying, I brought it up again to MB, asking her if she was sure that I wouldn't get made fun of by cool jet-setters. She said that, no, my bag looked totally French. The cashier guy made a face.

So I teased him, asking him if he didn't think it looked French. He was all, "Hey, I just made a face, I didn't say anything...like I thought they were ugly or something, or you were making a mistake." Or something. In actuality, he probably didn't say any of that.

I got pretend indignant, and said, "Hey, you're just a cashier!!"

The second it left my mouth. I knew it was bad. Like, super-elitist-snob-biatch bad. And NOT at all what I had meant to say.

I tried to cover my gaffe. I lamely blurted, "You see what everyone buys! You're not supposed to judge!"

He finished ringing me up, and awkwardness pretty much ensued while MB paid for her goods.

I had meant to express, "People buy junk from you all the time. I thought you guys didn't notice. Do you guys actually judge people on their uber-girly and not at all mature luggage?"

Discussing it with C-note after, she said that the word "just" had been what had done me in.

Oh, English.


Okay, I'm done.




I'm still feeling a little sorry for him... and a little embarassed for you.

That said... I think the bag sounds silly... but easy to find in an airport. :) And take it from me, THAT is the important thing in luggage!!!!!!!

this is the noise i make when something is particulary and inescapably awkward.

i may give a live demonstration for you later today.

i've been on both sides of the retail counter, so i can feel for both parties.

but don't feel too bad about it. if he really didn't want to be there, he'd do something about it.
I try to not say that to male strippers I bring home.

"You're just a male stripper...."



I would have completely said something.

BTW, I love luggage, and I think it sounds cute. I have a few years on you and would still use luggage like that. (There's no way someone else would mistake it for theirs.)
As someone who hates buying anything, and someone who worked retail, I can tell you it's just all around awkward when customers buy something that looks bad...

I still remember this one customer who came in asking for crotchless panties... we were both embarassed: Her for asking and for my replying, "Why wear any at all?"
bub: glad I could give you a laugh!

tc: I know! I definitely didn't mean to say that. at all. And I'm hoping that my bag will be distinctive!

min: miss you girl!!!

eileen: yeah....awkward....each profession has its charms, right?

cam: they're not ugly! not ugly! not a bad choice! argh! you're JUST A GUY WITH A PhD!!!
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