Sunday, February 18, 2007


taking a defying convention

Last night I went to the Times with C-note (after a rousing time of line dancing in Virginia), and for a while we were chatting around with some guys that we know, one of whom works at the Times.

He offered a round of shots, and I declined, saying that I was driving. C-note said, thoughtfully, that it was okay if I wanted to drink; we could just leave her car near Union Station, cab or metro back to the apartment, then get the car the next day. I briefly considered it, but then decided against it. It was cold. I enjoyed the warm comfort of C-note's car. Also, I had gone to town on Thursday, and I didn't feel the drive to drink on Saturday as well.

And then the boy - let's call him PJ - said that he had lost all respect for me for refusing a shot of Jameson. I told him that I didn't understand how I could have lost his respect for not drinking a shot. He explained (saying that he was drunk, therefore could not articulate his argument as well as he could if sober) that it was a Saturday night, we didn't have work on Monday, and I should just let go and have a great time.

I countered that I could have a great time without having a drink.

He responded by telling me that me and E are known upstairs (as in, at the upstairs bar) as "the water girls." I responded that that was a pretty accurate assessment. He was like..."What do you guys do here? You don't drink!"

I said that we dance and have a good time...

He then said that the "general opinion" at the bar was that I was too serious and didn't know how to have a good time, and that I don't know how to cut loose.

At this point C-note spoke up and said "You don't know her! She knows how to cut loose!" Then the conversation pretty much ended because he was too drunk to say what he wanted to say, and that he hadn't meant to get into it, and I got the impression that he thought he had pissed me off (he hadn't, by the way).

So, lying in bed last night, I was thinking about it. Why does me not drinking most of the time at the bar bother him (and quite possibly the other bartenders/employees of the bar) so much?

Well, there's the basic fact that when I drink water, they're not making money off me. I'm a lose-lose proposition. I show up, steal their water, use a few plastic cups, take up space on the dance floor, listen to their music, all for free. However, I do tip (and quite nicely, quite frankly) whenever I order a it's not as though I always get a free ride.

Then, there's a more subtle aspect at play here. Do they feel threatened by my sobriety? One second, we're all "acting drunk" - dancing around, being flirty, acting like goofballs in general - but then I turn it off as easy as turning on a light. PJ says something stupid and off-hand like "you don't know how to have fun" and "I lose respect for you for not drinking," and I respond in disagreement, and have the head and smarts to back up my statements, while he's shaking his head, wondering what happened to the girl who wasn't a challenge a minute before.


Me. Sober. Take that.

I think you're spot on- it's the money and the fact that you don't need alcohol to let loose- seriously most people feel they need alcohol as an excuse for their silly behavior and in fact it is them who don't know how to let loose..
way to go water girl!!
I love the fact that you followed all of that up with that photo. :)

Haha... fabulous.
mona: one of my friends just said that it was because I was being anti-social. I can't see it.

tc: thanks! if you ever come to DC for the BlogDrinkFest, that's what you'll be seeing :-)
We sooooo have to make BlogDrinkFest happen!
Shake shake shake your money maker! Thought provoking argument. You shouldn't have to drink at a bar to have fun...and the barkeeps shouldn't mind you're there, since it's young lasses like you and E that keep males pouring through the doors on a Saturday night.

If it makes you feel better, I have spent enough money in that bar for the both of us, so let's call it even.

And BlogDrinkFest really does need to happen in's not even a question, it's just a matter of where and when. Do we go with a central location, or just go nuts and pick somewhere like Vegas or Montreal?
If my vote counts, and I like to think it does, I vote for somewhere fun. The ocean would help, but at the very least, fun and crazy...

And Vegas IS a cheap flight from most places...
tc: for sure!

JC + TC: oooooooh. definitely let's go nuts. YESSS!
Meg, you are providing an entirely valuable service to the bar. You are bringing beautiful women (yourself & roommates) to the bar, which in turn attracts more male customers. They drink, they buy you drinks, and if they get shot down they'll drink even more. Just imagine how much bars and clubs try to attract more women. When was the last time you saw a Lady's Night advertised? Free admission for women? Cheap drinks?

Also, on a slightly more relevant note, I think that a drunk feels a little awkward next to someone who's not drinking. Kind of like someone smoking next to a non-smoker.
I didnt even know blog fests exisited- if I still lived in Montreal I would come for sure!!
and if I could vote I would definitly vote warm Cali :0
Jealous over here!!
that is a GREAT photo :]
I don't buy the bit that girls not drinking cost the bar money... quite the opposite, really.

A couple of cute chicks dancing around and flirting brings in lots of guys who need 3-4 drinks each to get the balls up to go hit on them... that's making the bar money.

And Meg, you know I'm a huge fan of you, but did you happen to stub your toe right before that picture was taken? You look pained.
Hey, this is Dan. We met at Melanie and Pat's wedding. Er, we talked about BLOGS?

I wanted to say that summoning one's inner drunk on command is truly something to be proud about. It's probably a skill I've been working on my entire life, although I have not yet mastered it.

Here's to sober carousing!
*holds up glass of cranberry juice*
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