Tuesday, February 13, 2007


tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

Okay, so the in vogue thing is to whine about how much you hate Valentine's Day, and how much it either a) sucks to be in a relationship on Valentine's Day or b) sucks to be single on Valentine's Day.

For example...

Why I Hate Valentine's Day

Ever notice that the only people who make a big deal out of Valentine's Day are the ones who complain about it? I mean, honestly. It's no big deal. No one thinks it is. So get off your cross, take the wood and build a bridge to get over it.

Get out there. Sport red. Or pink. Or both! Give people candy!

<3 Love life. Love yourself. Love Valentine's Day. <3

Sorry if this comment was posted twice...you can just delete one. :)

So get off your cross, take the wood and build a bridge to get over it.

I nearly spit apple all over my monitor when I read this. :)
i'm sure you know how i feel about this.

and given my tendency to exchange with people through music, i've the perfect song for you.

walk faster so i can send it to you!
Ah, good old VD. So many bad memories... I was alone for many of them. My first VD with a girlfriend involved a friend's suicide & breaking up for a number of months. My second VD with a girlfriend (different girl) involved a lot of crying because of some "deep dark secret" that she had actually told me months before. More recently, I've had to deal with Nicole... she is not someone you want to be with on a romantic holiday. Trust me.

And now today I am single and happy. Okay, kinda lonely and possibly sick, but still good. Where's my vodka?
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