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I hate it when I log into my bank account, and check the amount, and think "Oh my Gosh! Was I charged twice (or five times) for something? Where did all that money go? Did someone break into my bank account?!"

But then I slide on over to the itemized list, and I realize....shoot. I did just spend money like it's going out of style. And on like, food. Not even cool clothes, or pretty jewelry, or expensive shampoo.

I need to marry a banker, I think.

Oh, and today I received a letter from the apartment management company chastising me for not paying my rent on time. To quote, "Please be reminded that it is Montgomery County law that late fees are not assessed until after the 10th of the month. This does not mean you have until the 10th to pay your rent."

(It's good they clarified, because I was totally going by the fact that they never take the money out of our accounts until the 10th or so. I mean, if they're just going to be sitting on it...)

To continue:

"We are sending out this notice to help you protect your rental history. We have recently received rental verifications asking how many times was rent paid after the 1st."

In addition to the unacceptable wording of that sentence, oh the horror! The embarrassment! I feel like a teacher just yelled at me. I really need to get the word "RENT" tattooed on my hand. Although, that would probably lose its effectiveness after five or six months.

So uh...how do you remember to pay rent?

The people who run my old neighborhood had a place online where you could schedule an automated payment each month from your checking account. I never used it because I lived with 2 other people and we split the rent paying with 3 different checks, but the option was there (even to pay partially).

That said, if you have to write a reminder to yourself on each month of the calendar on the 29th or whenever to write the check then you oughta do that. It'll save you money.

...unless you don't have a calendar, which for some reason I doubt is the case.
ah they're just pricks. I think that the letter was to all of us :) I mean I've paid late before, you've paid late before, Elle's paid late before.... In fact, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I can remember a month when all THREE of us actually paid on time.... SO the letter was not just to you, but to all of us.

PS - I actually paid on the 1st. AND THEY STILL HAVE NOT TAKEN THE $$$$$$

I say, when they fix the gas problem in our apartment, we'll pay on time.

I write it down... once... and then just remember. Hope that helps!
We always pay by the 10th. I think it's because we're lazy and forgetful on the whole, but if it were up to me, it'd be paid on the 1st.

But, as you can recall, it's not up to me. They won't accept money with my name on it because I'm not on the lease. So goes my silent protest. :)
I agree: they are just being pricks. I don't think our rent has been paid on time in months. (We have until the 5th.) When they fix the arctic, moderate, and hotter than hell temperature changes between floors then I pay rent on the first. Or maybe when they fix the hole in Kelly's ceiling or the open electrical wires in the living room (a building code violation). Don't let your landlords get to you!
They're pricks for wanting payment for services rendered, haha.

my apartment complex starts freaking out on the 5th. my roommate starts freaking out on the 2nd.

in my case, it's not forgetfulness. i have to emotionally and mentally prepare myself for forking over such a high amount.

i can;'t say that i've ever been ready by the 1st of the month.

i still think you're a good person.
I can't believe that letter- it's insane- the nerve of those folks- seriously it's rent and it's not like you don't pay your rent....as for me
I just get it transferred automatically as well as all my bills in fact- I hate having to worry about that kind of stuff as I find it impossible to remember and keep track.
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