Saturday, April 21, 2007


hiatus what?

Let's put this out there right now: we have a freaking mouse in our apartment. J and C-note discovered it this past Wednesday, when we were watching Lost. I heard the two of them whispering, but didn't pay attention, since I was watching activity that I devote my full attention to (really. don't talk to me when I'm watching TV). They then got up, and each took a side of the kitchen, and began peering around. That was slightly suspicious behavior, but C-note has a hamster, so I was hoping that it was on the loose (how kind of me).

C-note revealed what J thought he saw...we kinda half-heartedly craned our necks around, but didn't see anything. We didn't want to see anything, obviously, and I was willing to make that happen. But only a few minutes later, we heard some enthusiastic crunching coming from the area of the dining room heater.

J took the flashlight that C-note had retrieved, and he shined it under the heater. Nothing.

(At this point, I was thrilled that J was around, because usually I hold the position of bug-squasher and brave person. His presence allowed me to cower on the couch and whine pitiably.)

But then. A mouse. A little mouse, almost sorta cute, if one liked rodents (which I do. not.), but a mouse nonetheless. Realizing that he had been spied, he climbed up into the heater, out of sight.

After a beat, he made another showing...climbing down, grabbing his nice pretzel that he had been dining upon, and pulled it back up into his hiding spot. How resourceful of him.

The next day E or C-note contacted our complex's exterminator. When we came back from work Friday evening, we noticed that the oven had been moved. On top of it, a slip of yellow paper was resting, that read:

The Exterminator Was Here On:
4-20 Have a Fun One

Um, alright. See, the fun of my 4-20 was dependent upon knowing that our little houseguest had departed for the hereafter. The mysterious Jose also left two blank yellow that so we can fill them out and leave prank exterminator cards at various apartments?

All of this is to say that a few moments ago, I was blissfully reclining on the couch watching highly entertaining episodes of Season One of Boston Legal, and I'm fairly certain that I saw a mouse tail disappear under the seat cushion, merely inches from my face. I saw from the corner of my eye, so I can't be certain. But since my hair was cut rather short yesterday, I'm fairly certain that my hair was not the thin strand of brown sliding along.

I didn't see the rotten thing when I moved the seat cushions 10 seconds later.

Ick. Please, please let that little episode have been a product of my paranoid imagination.

It's about dang time! ;)

Good to have you back.

And ick to the mouse...hope next time Jose comes back he does his job, and not something else.
Thanks TC! I missed you!

I just saw it when I was making BBQ chicken scrambled under the oven, disgusting me.

I called the gatehouse, and they sent over a fine young man to put down some sticky killer mouse tape I think he was amused by my cooking mess, juvenile outfit (shorts, t-shirt, pink sneakers) and the fact that I was worriedly clutching pizza dough the entire time he was here.
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