Monday, April 23, 2007


well, that was temporary

The past few days I've been feeling very grown-up. Like, an actual adult. I'm not sure why that's possibly because I've had E's car for the weekend, so I've been able to drive around, and not walk. Driving is directly correlated to adulthood in my "never owned a car" mind.

Also, I've been slapping on night moisturizer and eye cream at night in order to attempt to slow down damage. I think crow's feet are kinda cute, but knowing that I'll have crow's feet for the rest of my life (once they show up in an undeniably present way), helps me to attempt to delay the onset. Night "restorative" moisturizer has a way of making one feel adult.

Plus, I went grocery shopping this weekend. I had checked out a few recipes beforehand, so I zipped around the store, plopping lemons, spinach, grapes, mint, etc. in my cart. All these healthy ingredients left me feeling incredibly smug. It's just that I'm so accustomed to frequenting the frozen food aisle, and skulking around feeling like an unhealthy loser, that I was practically glowing as I strolled up and down the aisles with my made-from-scratch-able ingredients.

Further increasing my grown-up quotient, I have my first adult wedding this weekend. Mel and Pat are tying the knot, and I get to go! Hurray! It will be my first wedding in 15, I'm quite excited. Last time I stepped on the bride's train during the conga line and burst into tears. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

Oh, and last week I went on my first trip (ever, I think?) without an adult chaperone. Hot damn.

All of this is to say that my coolness grown-up adult feeling pretty much vanished when a) I called my pocketbook a "praga" bag, and not a "prada" bag when I was joking around with a random guy (smooooth), and b) I found out that a guy I went to high school with is married and running for school committee.

Not that losing the grown-up feeling is a bad thing. I was just surprised that I ever had it.

You've NEVER owned a car, Meg? NEVER????? OMG.

last week I went on my first trip (ever, I think?) without an adult chaperone.

Seriously??? Oh. Wow. Please tell me that part's not true. You live in the city, I can handle the no car news but this... and them... together. Uff da.
I feel like an adult when I look at my manly figure in the mirror every day.
1) I have never owned a car. My parents don't believe in letting kids in high school own cars (and I pretty much agree with them), and it didn't make sense to have one in college. Since I live in the still doesn't make sense. I. cannot. wait. to. get. a. car. (well, I am waiting...until it's fiscally responsible and I need one. But you know what I mean.)

2) I've gone on day trips, etc, and my roommates and I went to Virginia Beach, but I'm fairly certain that this was my first actual real-flying-on-a-plane trip without an adult at the other end. I mean, I guess my life is kind of like an unchaperoned adventure, but my vacations have always had family, in some variation, at the end.

bub: ummmmmm....
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