Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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So lately I've been feeling the homesick bug...I was supposed to go home for my younger bro's high school graduation this upcoming weekend, but the cost of the plane ticket was ridiculous. He'll be coming here the last weekend in May to help me move (thank goodness!), so, my mom's logic was...I'll be seeing him then. No need to spend $300 for two hours in a high school gym.

I called home on Sunday to say Happy Mother's Day, and I managed to hit up my mom, my grandma, nana, and several of my aunts in one phone call, because they were all at a brunch at my house. I was just like, "oh."

Last night I was cleaning my room, and I sat down on my bed, so to organize my bureau top. As I sat there untangling my necklaces, earrings, rings, bills, lip balms, and other (un)assorted crap, the framed photo of my dad caught my eye.

I took it last April, when we were on the cruise...he was unaware that I was taking his picture, and he's absorbed in some boring book. His feet are up, and the line of ocean and sky blends behind him. It's so peaceful. I picked up the photo, and just looked at it, feeling homesick and missing my dad. I lost myself in loneliness and self-pity for a minute, then put the picture down, and got back to cleaning my mess.

Today around 3:30 I got an email from my dad...he got put on a last-minute business trip to D.C., and he has time to meet me for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I think that for all of my stupid prayers that go unanswered, there are so many important things that I don't think to pray about, that just settle heavy in my heart, and God answers those that I didn't even dare to hope for.

That is an awesome pic, you wrote a really beautiful post Meg :)
I absolutely love your photography and your Daddio.
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