Wednesday, August 15, 2007


um, is this your bizarre personal item left behind on the metro seat?

So, today I got a seat on the train heading back from work.

I sat down, a random guy sat down next to me, then I got up at my stop. The usual.

While I was waiting for the door to open, the guy who had been next to me said, "Miss?" I looked back, and he looked kinda skeeved out, and said, "Are these...are these your..." Meanwhile, I was wondering he didn't just pick the thing up, whatever it was.

He finished the sentence as I went to look at the offending item. He pointed, and said, "Are these your clippers?"

I grimaced. They looked sterile and shiny and everything, but they were most certainly not my nail clippers that were wedged between the seat and the wall of the train. I know it's not the grossest personal item to find on a train, but it did make me want to brush imagined toenail clippings off my clothes.

That's what I get for taking a seat when I'm only going four stops, I suppose.

Tomorrow is the one-month countdown to The Big Wedding. As such, during this month I will be going to bed by 10 pm (ha!), working out more (ha! ha!), giving up iced tea + pepsi so as to not stain my teeth thrice a day (ha! ha! ha!), and practicing walking in high heels so I don't fall when walking down the aisle (though that would be a good ice-breaker).

I don't mean this in any disrespectful way toward my older bro and his beloved...but it's going to be so strange.

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