Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, that was awkward

I took a sick day today...to celebrate not having to go to work, I've been lounging around in my ridiculously perfect pajamas (a long t-shirt with a smiling sun and smiling clouds and red...gaucho-esque pants).

After straightening my room, going through clothes, reorganizing the closet, and making lunch, I decided to settle in for a few rounds of Boston Legal (the sickness that had been brought on by exuberant jogging was in the morning, except for a lingering slight headache). I was sitting on the back porch, feet up, hershey kisses on the table in front of me, when I heard a male voice call out "Heeelloooooo?" in my living room.

I got up, and headed down the dark hall, and he was noticeably startled, and said that "they" said no one would be home. Guess the realtor didn't plan on a deadbeat! Apparently the landlady wanted them to check for termites again (FYI - I haven't seen any).

He asked me where the door to the basement was, and I said that I didn't know, and that I had been wondering the same thing. I tried to cover up my ignorance and lack of curiosity with the lame lie of "We just moved in a couple of weeks ago." So, he followed me to the back, and went out on the back deck, and didn't see a door, either.

He went back out the front, and said he was going to look around the perimeter, but that he'd be back in to examine the back porch.

I didn't know if that was my cue to do anything (get changed? brush my hair? sweep the floor?), so I just kept on watching Boston Legal.

Eventually he came back inside, and he rooted around in the kitchen near the hot water heater. Then he came to the back porch, and looked along the baseboard, and along the sills, and up and down the walls, while Denny Crane and Alan Shore exchanged witty dialogue. I sat there, self-consciously pretending to watch the show, as he self-consciously waved the flashlight around.

When he finished, he kinda nervously giggled, then said he'd let himself out. I told him to have a good day...

Oh my Goodness. I just realized: what if he just pretended to let himself out, and now he's still in the apartment?!

You might wanna get on that...
update: I have not been attacked. He appears to have left when he said he did...though a thorough search is pending.
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