Wednesday, October 17, 2007


movie set in Boston...

A review of Gone Baby Gone, which is set in Boston (and directed by Ben Affleck).

Here, Here!
With crime thriller 'Gone Baby Gone,' Ben Affleck returns home and captures Boston in all its gritty glory

pull quote:
When a city's worst impulses are hidden from sight, you have to know the terrain to find them. This is where Affleck's inner map serves him well. Would another director, one from out of town, have filmed a scene set at the Quincy quarries at the Quincy quarries? Does geography matter if you're not from around here?

The Quincy Quarries. Ah. As in...the quarry my mom was fretting about. What timing!

I really want to see this movie!

As someone who has always loved Boston from a-not-very-far, I will volunteer to go with you. ;)
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