Sunday, February 24, 2008


fingers crossed

Actually experiencing a Cliché Awful Hollywoodesque moment in one's life...crying over an ended relationship while walking home alone in the rain—

It can only mean that one will also experience those Cliché Amazing Hollywoodesque moments of pure unmitigated joy.

Even though it doesn't make you feel any better...

he's not worth your tears.
thanks bubby :-)
so...I've been trying to log in and leave a happy post (FLORIDA tomorrow! Scuba diving! I have a new favorite song!) but blogger is having issues and not quite reaching it's potential.

This is what I get for leaving a self-pitying post!
oh dear God. *ITS potential****
Florida?!?!? Scuba diving?!?! I really need to get you on gmail chat so I can catch up!!!!

I had no idea there was another boy! :( But I think your bro is right: any guy who would leave Meg heartbroken isn't worth the tears.

(But it's OK for you to cry 'em anyway.)
TC - email sent to your hotmail!
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