Wednesday, March 05, 2008


An answer.

My dearest Cam,

I've spent all day considering your offer, which has been a pleasant diversion. It's almost convinced me that I should imagine marrying a different guy each day of the week, in order to give myself something to daydream about. It's a whole new fantasy life!

But, no, I decided that daydreaming about marrying You, only You, is enough. Everyone else pales in comparison. And how could I say no with your cute face smiling at me from your blog? Irresistible.

However, just like you, I do have my terms.

- we will live at least half of the year in the Boston area.
- you will buy me things for the sheer joy of buying me things to make me happy. For reference, I like sapphires, convertibles, flowers, and, hell....anything. A donut works too.
- you're a dog person. right?!
- you won't make me eat Mexican food, insisting that I "do like it, I just don't know it yet."
- you will let me lie sometimes with my head on your shoulder with your arm around me. It's nice. It makes me happy.

In return, I'll...
- become a better SCUBA diver so we can go on amazing dives together (and not just in quarries).
- make you dinner all the time.
- learn to cook so that dinner is edible at least part of the time.
- run a 5K every so often so we can mutually pretend that I'm in shape.
- not make you edit my nanowrimo submissions, just because it's so sweet that you thought of that.
- love you for who you are.
- make you the freaking happiest man alive.

See you in Vegas in 45 hours!

gchat kisses,

Okay, so vegas this weekend or is next better for you?


Okay, in response to your terms:
(1) We can do our best to live 1/2 the year in Boston, asuming it is economically feasable
(2)What's your address, I'll go ahead and send the flowers
(3)Yes, but am allergic to cats
(4)Do Margaritas count as Mexican Food?
(5)I'd love to!
Hmmm...# 1 sounds suspiciously like politician-speak to me.
2 - check your phone ;-)
3 - I hate cats! Yes!
4 - No. Mexican liquids are encouraged and enjoyed, actually. As are chips and salsa.

I'm a little worried about the details, but why linger on unpleasantries and negative thinking?

This weekend is best for elopement for me; my parents are visiting next weekend. Is it not good for you? I can clear my schedule for Easter weekend, if that works better.

kiss kiss!
Awwwwww. You two are much needed amusement these days :)
Thanks, TC! When is your engagement to Tony kicking off?
I think we have to have a date first...
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